Needed UK (University)Student or recent graduate for Dare to Be Digital...

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Hi! I’m Carla Johnston the team leader of a team called ‘Oddball Games’. So far we are made up of 3 artists in our final year of a Games Art and Design degree. We study at Norwich University of the Arts, the same university as Swallow Tail, who won this year’s Bafta and Dare to be Digital. We also have A 3rd year student studying Music & Sound Technology at the University of Portsmouth.

We’re hoping to have the same level of success as Swallow Tail. We feel we have a very innovative game concept. Due to the nature of our game, we need a Programmer that’s able to work in UDK, Cryengine or Unity ! We would love to hear some examples of your work. If you have any questions or if you want a teaser of our work so far, feel free to get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Carla Johnston

Skype: Thelastdorkrocker
Email: [email][/email]

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Bump! Still need a UK code monkey ;D

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i have coded, Designed and written music for these 2 games (Both in Unity)

and a casual android game:

Unfortunatly i live in Sweden put please mail me if you are interested anyway at :