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hi i am designing a tower defense game and i have almost finished most of the artwork and the music is completely made, now i just need someone to develop the game. the game is set in a mythical world where the most valuable possestion there is, is a emerald, at the the moment the emerald is locked away under protection but now the forces of evil villains have united in a attempt to have the emerald for themselves, the emerald has the power to grant eternal life but if used in this way it will kill everyone else other than the one with the eternal life!
i have designed pretty much all of the artwork, including the towers,level select menu, credits, settings and a few of the tracks. i just need someone to code the game.
here are some reasons why i think you should do it!
1. i will give you a discussed and agreed revenue share i.e 50/50 so you will be making money

2. it will give you more experience.

3. it will increase the likelyhood of you making more money from people that will play the game

4. it will be lots of fun to make and i promise you will be rewarded

5.I will offer you another game to make with much igher pay if i feel you are good enough

6. Tower defense games if made right nearly always become succesful so it is a great place to start.

7.you can mention yourself as much as you like throughout the game and you can advertise yourself

hope you like the sound of it.
for information of what the towers look like go to my profile and click on my artwork, the art for the TD game are the first 7 pieces.

heer is a description of what each tower does:

1. the tower that looks like a eye ball can see the whole track and has infinite range but small damage.

2. the tower that has red bullets coming out all sides and is black in the middle shoots in all directions with medium reload speed, and medium range.

3.the tower that shoots in 4 different directions (the one with the 4 triangles on the sides) shoots in the 4 directions with poor range and medium speed.

4.the 3 bombs all in a row are something that you lay down on the track and explodes after 3 seconds it has a 1 time use and has to be rebought once exploded. it has high damage but low range.

5. the tower that looks like a ant is only available on kongregate, it walks around the track and injects poison into the enemys which slowly lowers the enemys health the ant will have health of its own and will die once the enemys have destroyed it.

6. The tower that has the spike attached to the pole has low range but very hih damage and low reload speed.

7. the tower that looks like spiderman shoots a web which lowers the enemys speed.

there will be individual upgrades for each one of the towers and there will also be whole game upgrades that will last forever.

i have also designed the tracks and level select screen,main menu and much more. if you are interested in developing the game with help from me of course then either write to me on kongregate or email me at wdillon425@hotmail.com
thanks for reading
for more info just ask me

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Can you please post some samples of your artwork so we know your artistic abilities? (Doesn’t have to be from the current game; it can be from a previous project too.)

(By the way, you’d come over way more professional if you’d use proper spelling and grammar.)

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sorry for the grammar i was kind of in a rush, i have however posted some of the towers for the game onto my kongregate profile, there will be more parts of the game uploaded in the near future i.e. the menu,upgrade screen and much more. thanks for taking interest.

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i’m really sorry for posting so many times but i have just uploaded some of the other bits and pieces that will be used in the game, please check them out if you are interested the place is still available.

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I suggest you take the artwork a lot more seriously. It looks like you spent 5 minutes doodling in MS Paint.

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i have not yet polished any of the art work and as you can probably understand it will be much improved by the time it will be released. I just wanted to make sure i have someone to help me make the game so that it will be worth my time, i also forgot to mention that i will be able to help on some things that the developer may be stuck on but not all things.

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Originally posted by willthechill:

i have almost finished most of the artwork and the music is completely made, now i just need someone to develop the game.

Originally posted by willthechill:

i have not yet polished any of the art work

First you said the art is almost done, and just need a developer to make a game with it. Now you’re saying/showing that the art is still in the form of “unpolished” doodles?

Originally posted by willthechill:

I just wanted to make sure i have someone to help me make the game so that it will be worth my time

If someone is going to develop a game for you, you need to show that it will be worth their time.
That means either presenting a portfolio to show your actual capabilities, or demonstrating commitment to the project by putting forth some real samples, not just early ideas.

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nice piano music btw.

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  • spends 10 minutes doodling in MS Pain *

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when i said that the art was almost finished I didn’t mean it as it may have came out i meant that the rough version was completed. I’m not expecting this game to become the number 1 game or even close i just want to make a decent game and have fun making it, to me it is not about the money this or any of my other games generate it is about learning more and having fun, and if i cant get someone to help me with that then i will stop trying.

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i have made a website with all of my art on it
go to pictures and click on the first album i will update it regularly with better versions of my artwork.

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Your art is nowhere near good enough for what you want. A programmer would not think it worth giving you any share of revenue in exchange for that art….it looks like you drew it in mspaint. You need a lot more practice if you want to be an artist.

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ok i think i am going to delete this post and make sure all of the art is good enough before re-writing it sorry

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That’s likely the better strategy. How would you feel about a programmer who couldn’t code properly? If the code is full of bugs and crashes half the time, it’s not good enough for publication.

If you are going to be the graphic artist half of a partnership, you can’t get away with programmer art*. You really have to be able to fulfill your end of the bargain, just as you expect the coder to fulfill theirs. So yes, design the game, decide what is going to be in it, define every possible action, interaction and exception, make a full list of all functionalities and assets, create all graphical assets with a quality level sufficient for the finished product (even though they don’t have to be finished in your mind) and then show up in here and ask for a programmer to join you. Then you’ll have credibility and you will attract dedicated, competent partners.

*: I mean no offense to graphically talented programmers, I mean the ugly placeholder graphics some of us cobble together in 10 minutes to get a feel for the product that isn’t based on uniformly colored squares.

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thankyou for all of your help but i have found someone to make the game.