Classicer - Spaceshooting game.

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Greetings Kongs, I’ve been working on a project for a classic-like Spaceshooting game, with a lot og upgrades and various levels and storylines, I am here now requesting people that knows more than BASICS in flash and are willing to co-operate.

What I’m currently looking for is Art Designers and someone that knows a bit programming (I am doing most of the programming myself and idea’s are already done, I’ve got bluescript of how the game will be like) and willing to help with this project.

So long in short:

*Skilled with PS/FW/Flash
*Knows how to animate(Draw picture by picture for an animation)
*Knows common problems in flash when it comes to programming
*Knows API Systems in Kongregate and how to connect to Kongregate.

PM me about it if you’re interested or just reply here!

Sincerely yours,


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Moved to Collabs. :)