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Team name:
20 Hearts

Project name:
The Color Gray

Brief description:

The Color Gray – is a point and click adventure game that focuses on providing the player with tough emotional decisions instead of the usual good versus evil. You play Samuel Harding, a high ranking member of the Rockwell corporation; a company contracted by the government to maintain peace and stability among the population. But when you are set-up by your own people and sent to prison, you emerge with a lot of questions that you are determined to answer. Dive into a dark and soulless future where the spark of humanity is all but gone. People don’t ask questions, they simply try and survive.


- An adventure game like no other. Focused on complex emotional decisions and not puzzles.

- Take force if necessary. You are able to shoot and kill any character in the game as you see fit.

- Explore a dark dystopian future. Interact with a wide range of characters, both friendly and dangerous.

- Play differently each time. Unravel a mysterious sci-fi story with plot twists and multiple endings.

Target aim:
iPhone/iPad Users ages 13 and over.

You would become an equal parter with Kim and I. Any money we make off of selling The Color Gray on the app store will be split evenly. We hope to pursue other games after this one as well so you’d more than likely be welcome to stick around.

We’d like to build the game directly in iOS. We absolutely need someone familiar and comfortable in iOS/xcode.

Talent needed:

Programmer – We are looking for someone very hard working, friendly, and with excellent communication skills. We are both located in Vancouver BC, you do not have to live near us but it would be a bonus. Knowledge of the iOS platform is mandatory, if you’ve ever shipped a game to the app store you’d be ideal. We’d love someone with time on their hands, we’ve attempted to finish this game with a previous programmer and got quite far but his time became too limited to continue sadly.

Team structure:
Chris (myself) – Designer, Writer, Scripter
Kimberly – Designer, Artist

Website: – Just a splash page for our game. The sizing might look off on some resolutions for now.

MSN chat:

Previous Work by Team:
This is the first game Kim and I are working on together. I currently work fulltime at a video game studio as a designer and Kim works at a visual effects studio as an animator.

Below is a link to an old prototype we had. This work is about 2 years old and has been completely redone. This is a good reference point though to the kind of engine we’d need.

In-game screenshots:

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lol this would be so easy to deploy in all platforms except iOS (because it requires the developer to have a Mac computer).

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And a testing device (you can’t practically test on device emulators) and a developer ID which costs around $99 a year. After all this you pay 30% of apps revenue to Apple.

The art is amazing though. Hope you find someone having all the devices and experience.

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What about flash to ios packaging through air 3.2?
I can help with that as I programmed an app for iphone that way (not a game though). I am an apple developer and I have an ipod and an ipad for testing. If interested send me a pm to discuss further.

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@strouthas you will still need a mac to deploy it (even for testing purposes) and if you own a mac why not go for xcode (objective c is very easy to learn and the interface is similar to flash) which I believe is free.

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I don’t have much experience with Objective-C (Native iOS) but I am a fast learner. And I have a Mac, but no developer license. I’m probably not the best candidate, but I can get the work done.

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@simplegoogly no, you don’t need a mac (but I have anyway) to deploy as long as you have the provisioning files available in windows. You can transfer ipa files to the device(s) by adding them to itunes. Objective C is something I want to have a look some day, but as long Flash does my job (and with the latest air 3.2 targetting GPU with stage3d it does it very well!) it’s not a high priority for me to switch dev. environment yet.
Maybe xcode/objectiveC is what Apple recommends, but my experience says that a successful project is a balance of time/cost/convenience and not only tool selection.

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I can help you with this if you’re still looking. I’ve got 3 apps in the app store. 1 developed with Flash, the other 2 I programmed in Objective-C using the cocos2D framework.
I am comfortable developing for all devices (I have iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad2, and New iPad as my test devices).