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Hi my name is Jerry Cai

my DA gallery: http://jerrycai.deviantart.com/gallery/

a demo game i made for animation graduation project: Bunnies and Zombies

a little info about me:
- I graduated from EmilyCarr University of Art + Design in 2010 with an animation bachelor
- I worked professionally for small studios that made Flash games, but is mainly a visual concept artist type of guy

- I can basically 1-man-army a game:
-game-play design /game visual feel
-concept art

but I’m looking for dedicated and professional programmers to collaborate with and make high quality games that will make it to front-pages! =)

currently looking at starting a small project that’ll involve Box2D and a blitting engine (so hundreds of animated movie clips can be displayed at once) and then submit to major portal sites

please give me a reply here or pm, THANKS

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Nice artwork.

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thanks simplegoogly

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this stuff looks great. I can’t help you out from the programming side but if you get to the point where you need music, I’d be happy to chat with you about such needs!

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Very nice art. I’d love to help you out with a game or two.

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Wow, your art is really damn good. I wish you the best.

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thanks everyone
i’ve got a few responses from students and professionals alike

if anyone still interested i’d love to have a chat ….. ( please PM me instead .. too many forums and post to keep track)