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I have this game Idea It would hit every major console If I could get It to go somewhere and yes, It would be a massive hit.

I have been planning this game for 7 years, but I can only code PHP..

I have the game down to the very end, all corners checked and everything.. Game Is just perfect.

I have 3 copy writes protecting what you are about to read below. – Take this Into consideration before attempting to create It :)

Zombie, Horror, Survival, Real-time (With parts that are frozen, response times, cut-scenes and skill tree assessment)

If you can code Unity, Or are great at coding flash (By great I mean you can code basically anything).

Must be able to create a waste-land city, to explore.
Must be able to create a 3rd person view, with decent detail of character.
Must be able to create a zombie (There are many that work, only 6-8 types will be chosen, so draw away).
Must be able to make your code set to where you can easily change data (For yourself, to make changes when and If the game ever goes live).
Must be able to create a Multilayer experience, with up to 6 players. (If 6 are not available, than AI will be there).
Must be able to create weapons, with balance. – If you want weapons, ask. I have the numbers In a book.
Must be able to create cut-scenes.
Must be able to create a city that would take the average human 30-50 days to walk through (Exploring most buildings that Is).
Must be able to create a system that will “auto-create” objects, and form them together, depending on what Is provided Into the mixture of Items.
Must be able to create a run-time environment that Is stable.
Must be able to accept an extremely large story line, and Implement It.

Unity 3D Is preferred, Flash might work.

If this Is you please send me an email to “awww_muffin@live.com

And as a reminder, All I can provide Is the entire game story, characters, Items,zombies, numbers for equations, It’s own website (I am a webmaster after all), and monthly payments (I get social security disability).

If created I would wish to participate In administration. Full power, no code privileged, And 10% of sales for the story, for-life.

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Zombies is not a special game idea. Zombies is never a special game idea. Neither is skill trees, or anything else you think you’ve thought of.
This post is clear evidence that whatever country you’re living in should reduce its disability welfare payment.

The emails you recieve will be trolls.

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On the other hand, he only wants 10% of the profit of the game for himself, that leaves 90% for the programmer. Usually idea guys want to turn those numbers around.

But for the rest: This is not going to happen. Way too much work, not enough (up front) payment and far too large skillset required for a single programmer.

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At least it’s not an RPG

And it did seem he did put some thought into it.

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Why not try coding a php prototype for us? Or is PHP just used for server and back-ends shit? I thought it could do graphics anyway.

If you already know php though, it may be beneficial if you learn Unity or Flash yourself, but your idea’d be better in Unity.

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Originally posted by Epsellis:

And it did seem he did put some thought into it.

I challenge this assertion. The description above is the blandest, least imaginative summary of any zombie survival game I have ever read. There is literally nothing original in the entire blurb. The OP didn’t even mix platitudes from different genres, it’s all the standard zombie survival trope. It gets worse.

The OP has allegedly spent 7 (seven!) years planning this game but hasn’t bothered learning Unity? If I had one project that monopolized my thoughts for seven years of my life and I knew I wanted to make it in Unity I damn well would learn the frikkin’ language!

The only possible indication that the OP didn’t come up with the tritest idea ever last night while toking with his buddies and posted this thread without even bothering to check the spelling of the word ‘copyright’, is that there might be somewhere a “book” where he wrote down some “numbers” for “weapons”. Woop-dee-effing-doo! Numbers for weapons. Now we’re in business.

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Haha ace, I meant at least it’s uh…..ah…..hmmmmm…..oh!… wait no he did…grunt….

well, at least he copyrighted it and only wants 10%. that has to count for something….?

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At least there are monthly payments

Besides, that’s how most games are made; they don’t have to be completely innovative. Just do your job if you want to.

However, you don’t fucking have copyrights on anything, that’s a fucking shitty ass fucking joke. Don’t try to intimidate or scare people who know more than you.

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I have to say this idea is pretty ridiculous for 1 programmer. My friend works on his own 3d game in OpenGL C# (OpenTK) and hes been busy for months. Hes got a modelloader supporting only Milkshape models, a particle engine that still needs loads of improvement and a physics engine that still makes moving objects sink through the floor for a while when not moving anymore. He doesn’t have any sound/music yet. The only model he has is a dwarf he got from some website that doesn’t contain a strafe animation so he made 1 himself… It makes you laugh. And all the AI does is run at an opponent and attack it. Programming this is going to take years and I doubt you will find someone willing to do it all. Even as a team I doubt this could be created as a sideproject in a reasonable timespan because they probably have other things to do.

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I have 3 copy writes protecting what you are about to read below. – Take this Into consideration before attempting to create It :)
Zombie, Horror, Survival, Real-time (With parts that are frozen, response times, cut-scenes and skill tree assessment)

copy writes

copy writes

copy writes

copy writes

copy writes

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Quite funny, actually. I do Indeed need to explain the story, game and layout.

I apologize for that, I was typing from my phone.

The game starts out with a cut-scene of a man running from, of course, zombies. A few, around 6. You, and 5 other players (Online), yell at this man to hurry Inside your starting building (Which Is a 3 story office building, nothing super special here). The man run towards the building and the players begin their first battle phase, In real-time. After this battle Is finished you will meet said survivor, who has taken refuge on the second story, barricaded. (You meet him later In the game)

This game Is quite Unique, Oh yes, very much so Indeed.

There are 12 classes to choose from starting out.
Medical Doctor
Emergency room Doctor

All come with different “pros and cons”.

Each class earns EXP at a different rate, gain proficiency faster, or slower depending on what you are doing.

The base of the game Is to struggle your way to the other side of town, and a few miles out to a Militant base which Is under-control.

You all play a part In survival. What I mean by this Is you will face 3 phases per day (1 day Is 1 hour)

Within this 1 hour:

Phase 1: Construction

Your main goal Is to literally find whatever you can to create barricades for windows, floors, ceilings, stair cases, doors and railing.

Such objects usable Include, but not limited to:

Ceiling tile
Table leg/arm
Furniture pieces
Floor pieces
Concrete slabs

As you’re Imagining, you can literally tear apart the entire room, If you wish, to form a “pre-made” barricade. There will be hundreds of pre-configured barricades that form when certain Items are used for this.

During phase 1 each survivor plays a role. Depending on how many rooms are available, max of 4, 1 person searches 1 room, and a max of 2 people stand guard – Just In-case.

After this phase Is complete, and you are timed, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2:

During this phase you test out your newly formed protection, and this can even Include creating body armor, weapons, Items and more (Thanks to the engineer and mechanic, a-lot of things are possible).

Randomly you might get attacked during this phase, If not, this phase gets skipped all together and you are given the option to “explore”.


Only half of the survivors may explore, and you only see what your character can see, much like In real life “vision”, Not 3rd person or 4th, but first person.

In this phase It Is your sole responsibility to find NEW shelter IF need be!
Find food, water, medical supplies, weapons, ammo, and even bring back barricading supplies.

In phase 3:
Every has Fatigue, and everyone needs sleep.

The game will choose these people, max of 4, to sleep and recover a bit of their “Fatigue”.

While exploring, you and your team can OPT to choose a new building for survival. Maybe this one Is 10 stories high, maybe It has a nice basement.. Maybe It’s already well built (Some are wooden, much like the older homes, some are concrete/brick with steel/brick st abilities. Who knows!

This game has skill tree’s. Multiple skill tree’s. Each player/class has 3 skill tree’s they can Improve from, which would be revealed In the help files/faq/In-game.

All characters start with randomized stats, or, you can build your own.

Premium content would be available. As you can save your character, however you cannot save your current game.

Each game Is unique, and there will be 50 maps/cities chosen randomly. All with different buildings, layouts, number of Gun stores, super-markets, ect.

Zombies, Infected, Pre-Infected all available.

You can even run Into sick/healthy people, and you gain exp for controlling as a group If they live or die.

You would be given a visual Inspection, and If a doctor Is available – A more detailed Inspection.

Solely based on this you need to either kill or not. Exp would be rewarded for the correct choice. The more survivors alive the less zombies In the city – Makes sense.

Ah, but, the game Is nice. In my head, I can Imagine a vast, colorful-apocalyptic world that 6 people embark on a journey.

Includes over 1,000 Items for survival, 260 weapons and hundreds of “You can make this” Items. Including armor, guns, knives, blades, bladed armors, explosives (Which you can set around your building for defenses), traps (Much like bear traps, but better.. Higher your level on the proficiency the better you can make It, but they are made with whatever you can find that fits the profile, springs, metal clamps, spikes? even explosives can be added).

The goal again, make It across the city.

You say this game Is not unique. But I say everyone reverts back to games previously created to control this aspect. Much like diablo, which set the standard back In Its day.

The game Is unique, by all means.

Is there anything I might have missed here? -And yes, copy writes do exist, And no, I do not mean to “scare” anyone with that statement.

As posting this Idea here Is another Indentation of a CW. :)

To answer some questions.

1: I only have my phones Internet where I live currently. 3 years ago I had Internet, high speed, and I was learning PHP/Java. Unity hasn’t been around TOO long, but I’ve played around with It a bit.

2: Disabled people are disabled. I make 10,542.86 per year In the USA. Poverty Is around what.. 14,000? I live horribly, and they think It’s too much money, making this money I cannot make food stamps, or wel-fare. Not even Un-employment. The system Is messed up, badly.

3: I try :)

4: What the heck are you talking about?

and lastly, Again, as I stated, I only wish for 10% of profits. I know It sounds backwards, but I’m not money-hungry. It’s an Idea, and being a programmer and webmaster myself I understand how hard coding really Is. Time consuming and wow my brain hurts, kinda stuff.

So yes, 10% Is all I ask for.

I am currently out of time on my Internet, At my parents house writing this, I will check this page In a few days for new replies.

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I spent all that time telling people what my game was.. and the moderator removed It? Why?

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As far as i can see your post explaining your game is still completely intact…? I assume you’re the same person as lilly22396, AllusiveGold?

The game you described will take a big team of very very talented people many many manyears to build. These people will not work for a couple of dollars per day or the vague promise of profit share! They have families that will need to be fed during the multiple years that a title like the one you described will be in development.
Total cost of development will run into the multiple millions. Probably higher than that.

Also… sorry man, but many of the idea’s you set out are, in my honest opinion, just plain bad or silly.Lets see how a 1 hour game day plays out:

Phase 1, 20 minutes of cobbling together a defence. A boring chore after the first 3 times you do it.
Phase 2, Only half the team may explore! So there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll be looking blankly at your screen for 20 minutes while the other guys are having fun exploring!
Phase 3, Speaking of looking at your screen doing nothing… So now your character has to sleep? You wait 20 real time minutes for time to pass? Really? How is this fun?

And that’s only scratching the surface. Are you sure you thought this through?

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Yes I am Indeed Lilly, that Is my fiance’s sisters account – Forgot she was still logged In.

Sigh, I know people like “Instant Gratification” As do I. What you say about sleep Is UN-Intended, Yes, some will stand guard, some will sleep (Smoke break, perhaps?), But there’s a great chance of Infected walking to your property. I do see your point. It would be.. Boring.

I do see a great game, but that’s Me looking Outside, someone looking Inside from the out has a greater perspective. Time would be the death of the game, literally.

I just saw more of a “Fallout 3/4” + “horror” + “co-op” survival. Something along that line.

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Maybe i wasn’t really clear enough. This game will not happen, at least not in the form you described. Why? You compare your game idea to fallout 3, and i think that indeed it’s a pretty fair comparison in the scope of the project.
So how many people were involved in the creation of fallout 3? Just click here…
Yeah. That’s a lot of people, isn’t it? Those people will not work on a profit share / couple of dollars per day basis for 4 years (the development time of fallout 3). The budget for this game was in the tens of millions of dollars.

And it’s pretty laughable that you say you’re not money-hungry for wanting ‘only’ 10% of the income. See that huge list of people in the link i provided. I don’t know how much time you spent in creating that game idea, but i am pretty sure that you haven’t spent 4 years fulltime+ in dreaming it up.
You are saying that you’d like to get 10% of the income, while the other 100+ people who actually did all the work get approx 0.9% per person? Somehow your ability to dream up game ideas is worth 12 times more than the actual hard work of actually creating the game? And you call that ‘not money hungry’?

But all of this matters nothing; This game will not happen, no matter how cool it sounds in your head, no matter how big the wall of text is that you wrote in this thread; Will not happen!

Start smaller, waaaay smaller, and take an active development role yourself and you might one day see a game idea you had in actual video game form.

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I can bet the guy who gets guard duty in phase 1 (stand around doing nothing, “just-in-case”), stay home in phase 2 (stand around doing nothing, again) and then has to sleep and wait for 20 more minutes isn’t going to come back for day 2. I know I wouldn’t.

Not telling you what to do, but in your place I’d spend a few hours looking at every aspect you’ve described so far, and every aspect you’ve got in your head, and apply the fun test to it. That is, think about it and ask yourself: “Would this aspect of the game be any fun?” If not, strip it away. What will be left in the end (not much, if you’re honest) will constitute the base for a much better game than you have planned now, and much simpler to boot, which is always an advantage.

From there you’ll only have to strip, and strip some more until you’ve isolated the bare bones essence of fun, which you can use to make a game by adding a few weeks/months/years of work to it. Good luck.

Edit: Also, how did my first post in this thread get censored but the second one didn’t? Was I really noticeably harsher in the first one?

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I’d suggest that you start much smaller. You’re talking about a AAA game that would require a massive team of experienced professionals. Instead, aim to create a more manageable game which will only require you (and maybe one or two other people). Everybody has to start somewhere, and believe me you’ll be proud of whatever game you create.

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You have to high expectations for a first project and to litle to offer in return, note that all of us can s**t a design ewry second

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Bigger question, does it have boobs? big boobs?

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Originally posted by Epsellis:

Bigger question, does it have boobs? big boobs?

Every post I click on you have something to say about boobs Epsellis, I like it. :D

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Originally posted by Aarond9933:
Originally posted by Epsellis:

Bigger question, does it have boobs? big boobs?

Every post I click on you have something to say about boobs Epsellis, I like it. :D

because boobs are always related! It’s also part of my game grading crietria
Graphics Gameplay, Story, Sound, boobs, boob physics, and boob presentation.
Boobs – Just the mere promise of the presense of awesome boobs will be sufficient to make me play a game. note that for boobs to be awesome they must be on a good looking female.
Boob Physics- makes it even better, i’ll keep playing!
boob presentation- its an art! Boobs must be displayed in a creative manner, delicately layered with boob jokes and sprinkled with a little fanservice. just giving the secondary character awesome boobs will not be sufficient for me to play the game.

uh…after some thought….actually it is

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For every thread that starts “I’ve got an awesome idea… zombies!” there’s an Epsellis post that goes: “boobs boobs boobs”. I feel it balances things out.

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Just think if Epsellis actually decided to collab with one of these zombie idea guys. Busty Zombies: Rack from the Dead

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Originally posted by socratous100:

Just think if Epsellis actually decided to collab with one of these zombie idea guys. Busty Zombies: Rack from the Dead

Haha, Helllll YAh !!!!!

And Ace..yah it just evens it out you’re right.
Zombies, gore, violence and boobs everything a man wants.