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I’m working on a story-driven RPG. I’m willing to show a prototype to anybody who is interested in doing the artwork. I will mostly be needing character sprites with animations, and floor tiles. Sorry that this is a long post but I wanted to make sure I described the game in detail!

I currently have the following features implemented:

1) Dialogue system: I’m quite proud of this – you can talk to characters and a chatbox comes up at the bottom of the screen. However, the dialogue isn’t completely scripted – the player makes choices (selected using the number keys) that the character responds to; these choices can be saved and used to affect the story of the game. In other words, there is implemented branching dialogue and choices/impact. Here’s a couple of example screenshots (ignore the random sample text and the swordsman on the right is a placeholder for the player actor type; also, the font and appearance of the chatbox isn’t final):

(pressing ‘investigate…’ leads to further questions like in Bioware games)

2) Journal system: You can press ‘J’ in-game to bring up the journal, which contains a ‘quests’ tab and a ‘codex’ tab. The ‘quests’ tab tracks all of the quests the player has started (main quests, side quests and finished quests are colour coded) and the codex tab gives some information about characters, locations, etc. As quests and the story progress, both quest and codex entries can be updated. I won’t be just having a white background and I don’t like the font, but here’s a couple of screenshots of the placeholder for the journal system (it’s fully functional – oh and again, ignore the sample text):

3) Follower system: There are two ‘followers’ who will help you out in combat and you’ll be able to talk to them in each town as the game progresses. They will both have a background story and associated side quests, etc. When not in combat, they follow you.

4) Combat, Loot & Equipment system: The combat system is action-based; your player and followers are mages and you shoot enemies in real-time. Your player has two pieces of equipment: a staff and an armour set and enemies on death can drop loot which can be gold, health potions and equipment. Each staff has an element: air, water, earth or fire, and each enemy has different resistances to each element. Each staff also has a spell size, speed, power and recharge time (how much time between each bullet). The player can just hold the shoot key to fire continuously. Each armour set has different resistances to melee, ranged and magic attacks.

What I’m going to add in the future:

1) Shops
2) Achievements
3) Some basic cutscene support

I’m currently working on the story and then I’ll start putting the game together (creating the environments, quests, dialogue, enemy encounters, etc) using all of the implemented features above. Now that the features are implemented, it’s actually quick for me to, for example, add a character with dialogue or add a new piece of equipment or a new quest to the game.

Let me know if you’re interested in doing the artwork or have any questions!

(Obviously, I don’t expect anybody to do this for free. Also, the games on my profile were old games from a long time ago and don’t reflect my current skill level!)

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Hi, my name is Robert Kal and me and my friend Adam Stokes would be very much interested in your project. We are a electronic artist group who make a range of music from Dubstep to 8-bit. Take a listen to some of our songs of you want:

PM me or Send us a message on Soundcloud or our facebook:

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BFG93, I might be interested in participating. I’d need to know more about the size of the workload. Do you have a work order prepared already?

• List of floor tiles
• List of character sprites
• List of item/equipment sprites
• List of menus

- Buttons
- Ornaments (status icons, achievements, “effects,” etc.)
- Border Elements

You can see some of my work, if you’re curious, at

If you scroll through that dump, you’ll find one or two UI examples. Most of it, however, is traditional and digital illustration.

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This looks like a really cool project, I’ve been doing alot of design in low pixel count sprite animation recently, and I’m looking for a way to get my name on a project. Please take a look at my portfolio at and let me know. my email is

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Hey Daniel, just wanted to say that we really like your art man! Your really good dude.