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I’m making a side-scroling real-time action game. I’ve been developing it since January. Now it needs some artists.

Here’s a brief video showcasing the environment. This does not showcase all of the games features.

There are roughly 25 levels ‘rooms’ planned for the game that need to be drawn. Each stage is seamless to the next, so you could consider it one huge peice of art that spans from plains, forest, stream, caves, mountain, fairy-tale, to a rather creepy / dreamy environment.

This series of levels for the game are going to be magical / dreamlike in nature. Your extreme creativity is welcome. Colors do not need to be realistic, but they need to follow basic color theory and look good. I would prefer a vivid to dark horror color scheme.

I don’t need a character/enemy/NPC artist now, but do post if you are interested in that, I’ll invite you to that thread when it’s available.

The game will be sold on The chosen artist will be paid a percentage of the final sale.

This game is the first of a short series. I’d like an artist who would want to stick around and continue drawing with my projects.

I’m a very picky person to work with when it comes to delivering content and setting the right theme to tell a story. Most of the game is already blocked out, But your idea’s are welcome. It’s easy to make layout changes to the stage to support your artwork. All I ask is that you are flexible and patient with me in getting things looking right.

If you are interested, please provide a link to a portfolio of your work with scenery as the focus. And what percentage of the final sale you are asking for. Please be reasonable, keep in mind there is also need for a character artist/animator and possibly music licensing fee’s, as well as the fee to This job is primarily for scenery/backgrounds.

Do not rush to post. I’m not going to make a hasty choice and may spend a week or more to think it over. If you would like to take some time to draw a sample with independent layers, that the game needs, it would be appreciated. The game dimensions are 550 × 340. The health bar covers 25px. Larger dimensions would be quality that goes wasted. An average stage is 4400px in length. Bitmap or vector artwork is acceptable.

Feel free to post your questions, Thanks for reading till the end~

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This project sounds interesting, and the sample that you posted looks fun and believable. I’m definitely interested in learning more.
Most of my experience is in character design/animation, but I’d be willing to talk more about backgrounds. I love designing on a medium/ low pixel count (think castlevania SOTN). Please take a look at my portfolio at and let me know what you think.
As for compensation, 10% of game revenue would be adequate.