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I currently have a working but extremely ugly game in early alpha stages. I’m looking for a 2D artist or artists for levels, interface and animation work.

I’ve over 10 years of games industry experience working for Sega and EIDOS on games such as Sonic, Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Asylum, Time Splitters. This is unpaid but fully credited and depending on experience and quality may negotiate a small profit share.

Adobe Flash experience useful.

Ideal for a current university, art or games design student.

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whats the concept for the game?
i might be interested if i knew?

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Card driven fantasy based game, highly original, will discuss more on serious interest.

Note I’ve replied separately to Kalvaboy this information is for any further applicants.

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I could provide music if you wanted. PM me if your interested and what sorta style your looking for, oh and message me some details too.

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I can do Storyline Management, Art-related, as well as some Acapella numbers for music, if you’re interested.