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My name is Chase Bethea. My extreme obsession and passion for games is the reason why I love writing music and creating sound effects for them. I’ve been composing music for the last 9 years and been in the game industry for 1 year. Although, I have not done many games I can play keys and drums. I’ve won an award for Best Music to Motion Poetry Graphics. Recently I just won an award for Film Television Media at my college. efficient. I can certainly compose the perfect music for your game.

My goal is to create intrinsic music for the player’s experience, and accomplish
psychological experience of playing a game.Let me prove to you that I can deliver. I will give your project my full undivided attention that it deserves and surpass all expectations.

I am musically college trained, Certified in Audio Engineering, and my rates are extremely affordable!!! Just ask me for a custom quote!

Here is a link to my portfolio www.cbmusicreations.com. My availability is open. Feel free to contact me.

Lets collab and make games!!!