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Hi I’m a 22 year old programmer. Have experience with AS2/AS3/Javascript for the most part and I’m looking for Art partner to collab in any games we feel like doing.

The ideia is to start with simple games and post them on Kongregate and build bigger ones targeting main competions like IGF, indie cade and so on throuoght the year to come.

Intersted? Comment, pm and we’ll work on something :)

Oh and my latest work was at Ludum Dare 24, here’s the link so you can check it out:


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I will actully love this. I`ve recently had a really good game idea that. my programmer just skipped out on me.
Im an artist well I`m going into art college so I guess you could say I`m an artist in the works.
I`m not a great digital artist but pixel art I`m strong with.

I love your Idea and will work for free. just message me if your intrested