SpaceCat Studios seeks experienced AS3 coder to finish uncompleted RTS

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So, here’s the story: SpaceCat Studios has been working on a sequel to our first game, Master of Fortresses for the last few months. However, our coder informs us that due to other considerations, he will no longer be able to devote enough time to the project to meet our November deadline.

What I am looking for is an experienced, talented and driven coder willing to help me finish Master of Fortresses 2. I’ve been handling art, writing and design. I’ve also got a few people helping me with sound, music and voice-acting, so I’m ONLY looking for a coder for now.


-Can work 8-20 hours a week for a period of 2-3 months.
-Experienced in AS3
-Willing to work under my direction.
-Able to deliver results under time pressure.
-Willing to conform to the existing design document and to the work already done.
-Able to be in frequent contact with me over IM.

Preferred (But NOT required):

-Lives within one timezone of GMT -8 (Pacific)
-Can present a portfolio of previous games worked on.
-Experience working with pixel (as opposed to vector) artists.
-Experience co-ordinating over Dropbox.
-An interest or basic knowledge of European History.

We already have a funding deal set up. I am offering $2250 (Half of the final payment minus sound and music budget) upon the game’s completion.

Who We Are:
SpaceCat Studios has been making games for the past three years, doing our best to revitalize popular genres with imaginative settings and innovative gameplay. Take a look at out previous games (All up on Kongregate, so look’em up if you are so inclined): Master of Fortresses, Aetherpunk and Shadow Regiment.

If you are interested, drop me a line via PM, reply to this thread, or send an e-mail to

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I’ve got enough applicants for now, I think we can consider this one “filled” until further notice.