Game Composer Looking for Work!

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Hi all!

My name is Matt Collins, I am a composer.
I’ve written for a couple mods, and a couple of games as well.

You can check out my website here to hear some select samples, view testimonials, etc.:

OR if you want to hear a lot of samples feel free to go here:

Feel free to contact me at
or you can also contact me at

Thank you!

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I’m surprised nobody’s contacted you here, you’re extremely good. Would you perchance ever be up for collaborating? I’m dmGuillotine on Soundcloud. Best of luck getting some responses, I think you deserve recognition for this stunning work.

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I’ve just listened to some of your work, it’s really good. How much do you charge or are you willing to work for free/profit share? I don’t have need of a composer right now but I will do at some point. I’ll keep you in mind!

EDIT: Just to add, I accidentally left your music playing (normally I have my own music playing as I struggle to work in silence) and it’s still going! That was almost an hour ago… I’m quite particular in what music I like!