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I need an experienced programmer for a Turn Based game development.

About the game :
- turn based combat(move,shoot,use item)
- destructable terrain(tile based)
- inventory system(3 slots:armor,wpn,item)
- lvl up system and skills(6 skills)
- shop
- research screen
- team manegment
- main map screen, many missions but all small
- game thematic: alien invasion / pixel art

About colab:
- deadline: 2 months since game developemtn starts
- payment: sponsorhip money split 40% coder,40% artist(me) 20% music > if i get the sounds free then it will be 50-50
- updates are sent to me or updated on FGL site
- i want this game to hit front page so i tend for perfection

Current progress:
- 100% of game design NFO file done
- 50% of artwork done
- 100% of SFX done

ABout what kind of programmer im looking for :
- an experienced coder that can show me a decent portofolio
- fast work speed, i want atlest 1 update each 5 days
- gtalk msn / skype msn
- as3 is a bonus
- kwnolage of following games/movies is a bonus: Xcom , starship troopers, aliens, fallout 1&2 , heroes
- adobe flash CS5.5 is a bonus

About me :
- pixel artist, il provide the artwork
- il also provide the animations
- i deliver all game asets in FLA. files
- experienced in making flash games , this are 2 of my creations:
Also i got a portofolio if interested:
- my english is not perfect but i hope my work is

artwork preview :

If interested shoot me a pm with your portofolio and the reason why you want to work on this project.

Thank you

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OK i found programmer trough fgl, im surprized that on kong ther was no pm, coders in vacation ? :P

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Maybe all the coders on Kong are busy with other projects right now. I know I am. Best of luck on your new game. :)