Assembling a team for a yet to be named music game

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Spoiler: if you are looking to get paid big time, this is not where you need to be. This project is for learning programmers, or professionals who arent in it for the money.

I am looking for enthousiast programmers and artists to help me create the game I have been thinking about lately. Basically, it will be a music game inspired by Super Guitar Maniac Deluxe.
Not much has been decided yet, only the nature of the game. As a team we will discuss and decide various things.

Currently I am in need of
Programmers [X]Me [] []
Graphical Artists [] []

What is required:
- You must be willing to spend a lot of time on this project
- You must be willing to adjust yourself to the team decisions
- Programmers must have at least SOME experience in AS3
- Artists must be able to create vector images easily
- You must be pretty fluent in English (I’m not a native speaker, so don’t worry too much)

What will I be doing?

I will be doing programming and project management (we will be using a platform called Teamlab)

What`s in it for me?

All revenue will be equally shared between the team members, but I doubt it will be anything worth it so as I said you should keep in mind you are doing this for the learning experience. You will be part of a team, which means your input is important. Everyone’s opinion will always be taken in account in order for us all to have fun and create a better outcome for the game.

How do I sign up?
Send me a messages including the following:
- Personal details (name, age, country)
- Education (what classes you take/have taken)
- For coders: Programming experience (AS3 and others)
For artists: Drawing experience (include examples and explain your drawing style)

Even though this is my first “big” project I’m starting, you can expect professionality from both me and your teammates, which I will carefully pick out.
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good luck bro

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now this is the proper way to hire people. good job cant beleive there is still men like you.