Aeropian's Quest [Platformer Wall Scaling] [Hiring]

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You Can find the Original Thread Here: Over Here

After Much Decision I have Decided to Refine the concept of the game and also start a Collab Thread where People can help me develop the game

The Refined Story
Long ago in the Land of Aeropia the Gods imbued the power of the sky into a Special Crystal that would keep the Land High in the Sky for all Eternity However the Crystal was lost to the effects of time

6 Million Years Later the Crystal has Finally Been Discovered and its Power Nearly Depleted the Aeropians Decide to go to the Extreme Depths of the Celestial Mines to find the Sky Dust however when they get there they find there is none left the GroundTredders have taken all the Sky Dust to Power there ultimate weapon of destruction to take over the world

The Aeropians are Powerless against this new weapon of Mass Destruction and are Defeated and all there Power drained
Only one Aeropian Remains He Goes by the Name Cliff who is an Explorer who got lost one day in the Depths of the Celestial Mine However he gets the News and Decides to Save his World

Join the Development Team

To Join the Development team you Must Have some Knowledge of Stencyl
Although Stencyl Does allow you to use AS3 Scripting so Anyone with great knowledge of AS3 is also good

Job Positions Available
Programmer (Basically they Create the Behaviors of the Game) – [shubshub] [ ] [ ]
Pixel Artist (Creates the Artwork for the game) – [ ] [ ]

To Join Email me at with the following

Job Position:
Previous Experience/Proof of Experience:

It would be really great to see people take interest in this project
However there are some Problems

I am Not able to Pay Anybody so If your looking to get paid for helping its not happening sorry

Current Ideas:

World 1: Celestial Mines
World 2: Gravitopia
World 3: Tredder Kingdom
World 4: Aeropian Pass
World 5: Aeropia

Grappling Hook Mechanics
Awesome Physics

Game Info
Name: Aeropian’s Quest
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: TBC
Platforms: Flash, Windows
Developed In: Stencyl [Flash], Game Maker 8 Professional [Windows]

I will Be handling the entire development of the Windows Version however I really am Not the best with Stencyl and require Help

I Can say that there will be Sequels if this game is made

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Hiring means paying wages. Are you paying and if so, what is your budget.

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Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Hiring means paying wages. Are you paying and if so, what is your budget.

Hiring does not necessarily mean paying wages I am Unable to pay people so if they want to get paid they can’t sorry

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Platforms: Flash, Windows

Stencyl [Flash], Game Maker 8 Professional [Windows]

Awesome Physics

Anyone is good also