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Gaming related web app

Description: For the past year, two friends of mine have been working on-and-off on a gaming related web application/community, that will link Kongregate, XBL, Steam, and several other gaming services into one, and provide some tools and information gamers will find useful.

My Contribution: I’m the project lead and UX designer, the other two on the team work mainly on the backend.

Looking for: A vector artist who can design some random avatars for newly registered users (similar to how Kongregate has it), draw icons for various categories/elements on the site, and draw some art for sections of the website, such as a trophy case, etc.

Estimated Time Frame: 3-4 months, but will be longer term if you’re willing to stay on.

Payment Terms: We’re not paying right now, but we can negotiate a price for later on, or equity, if you like.

Feel free to reply to this thread, or shoot me a PM if you’re interested at all. Anyone who has PHP or JS experience would also be a bonus, but nowhere near required.