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Howdy, I’m currently making a game and am after a writer.

I’m flexible with the story, however there is a base.

Currently all that’s known is that you’re a cowboy (at least that’s what I’m thinking so far) and you’re walking and dodging various things…
Where are you going? Why are you heading there? Wait, was that a hippo in the background? Many questions can be asked and answered ^^.

The gameplay is a simple lane-dodge game where you move between lanes to dodge the incoming enemies (cacti, wolves, holes, etc etc).

However I want story to be a vital part of the game, as with each stage(or wave of enemies) you complete / pass the next part of the story is revealed to you. – or if a piece of poetry is selected each line will be given etc etc.

This idea was inspired by “I saw her standing there” by krangGames:

I’m not planning on the game being very long, however I don’t want to restrict anything if an idea sounds good :).

So if you’re interested leave a message here or PM me and we can organize some organization!

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If you’ve already made art for your game, can you post a few screenshots so we can have an idea of the mood of the game? If you don’t have any final artwork yet or if you feel that the artwork does not reflect the mood you’re trying to convey, can you tell us what mood you want? (E.g., the game that you linked is an example of the artwork not completely reflecting the mood of the story.)

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I have started building a base – but don’t want to start artwork properly until a story has started taking shape.

The mood I’m not so sure about tbh.
That’s also something I’d want the story to be the base for.

Here’s a link to the base atm

I can do cutscenes, but I would prefer if the story was told during gameplay (bar perhaps an intro / ending)

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Interesting concept. I don’t do poetry, but I may be able to help you in the story department. Best of all, I won’t charge anything for a very short story, although having my name in the credits would be nice. Your base game gave me an idea for a story about a tough old cowboy who is basically a name with no horse. :P

They Call Me Bronco

They call me Bronco on account of I used to be as fast as one back in the day. Used to be as strong as one too, until I got hitched and settled down to a life of cattle farming. I had a quiet, happy life, but all that changed when Pasadena Kane and his gang of rustlers rode into my ranch and shot my entire family… everyone except Nelly.

My sweet child Nelly. They took her along with all my cattle and left me for dead. Well, three shots from a carbine ain’t enough to kill me. I may be a grizzled old man, but I’m gonna show them why I’m called Bronco. And then there’ll be hell to pay.

I don’t know if that kind of story suits you, but if it does, let’s be pardners. :)