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Hey there all,

I am a graduate computer games designer (Useless I know), I have many ideas for games but for one in particular that I would like to put on here.

The game is Unity based, as this is my most proficient platform, the game will be called The Lost Egg. A fantasy based side scrolling platformer. A small project to start with as a proof of concept. Basically to see if the idea can go anywhere, that and to make sure people like it.

75% of the design is complete i.e. plot, characters, enemies, items etc.
50% of the unity project itself is complete also.

My main inexperience is art and sound. So basically after all that rambling I am asking if any artists or musicians want to give a hand.
Things such as background art, textures and character concepts are needed for the art side of things.
While SFX and background music are needed for the sound side of things, obviously.

Anyone with any 3d modelling/animation would be useful as well as I am just a beginner in that area.

So yeah enough of me, if your interested drop me a line :P Hope to hear from you.

P.S. here is a small test screen of the mian menu.

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Hi ShadowDragonTam,

(This is essentially the same thing I wrote in Bronsoner’s thread so if you read that one you don’t need to read this)

I’m also a composer and I’d like to work with you. Here’s my website, and here’s a link to a game that is on kongregate that I did the music for: Turn out the light At this point in my career I do a little bit of every style of “classical” music. Some instrumental, some vocal, and some electronic . I’d also like to add that I am very reliable and have had about 6 developers tell me that they no longer have the energy to work on the project. I tell you this to let you know that I am very committed to projects and that I have a lot more experience in game design than my site makes it appear. (My sincere apologies about that. I’m in the process of upgrading to a new site so the old one is a little outdated). I also can normally write music very quickly. I’ll almost always get you a new track every week, and most of the time it only takes a day or two.

Good luck with your project! Sounds like you know what you’re doing to have it so completed before posting here. I love the look of the main menu btw. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Okay let’s tidy this up and make my point a lot clearer than my original ramble.

Game: The Lost Egg

Description: A Unity built, 3D adventure platformer. You play a female knight looking for a lost dragon egg. Going through levels in search of clues and fighting off enemies you travel the lands in search for the lost egg. The game will be for all ages, the initial plan is to have 6 levels, as proof of concept starter, and this number can easily go up depending on ease of completion. Achievements will be added with the possibility of a game timer leader board being added also.

My Contribution: Design – everything is designed minus the levels
Unity developer – Majority of the backbone for the game is created, most is bug fixing and tidying up the project.
3d modelling/animation – though a newbie in Blender I have started on the character modelling and enemy modelling.

Looking for:
Unity developer – I would like someone more experienced in JavaScript programming within Unity to help fine tune elements.
3D modeller/animation – As I said I and a newbie at this so someone more skill would help speed things up greatly and add better results.
2D artist – I need background art that can be used for parallax scrolling, also some decal elements for the character model, possibly 2d concept art work to help with the 3d modelling process.

Estimated Time Frame: As it stands now development time is around 2 months, ideally. Though if the team size increases and roles are filled then development time could plummet.

Payment Terms: Equal shares for everyone, this is less about the money for me than it is making the game.

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You said 50% of the Unity side is complete. Can you show it? 50% may not mean the same thing to many people…

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Sorry for the vaguness of the first post, especially that section.

When I think on it, what I really meant was that the Unity project it self is good to go, I just need the art assests to replace boxes and spheres etc. The game can be played it, just needs some bug fixing and more testing, which I’m not to bothered about yet as I’d like to add the art assests first.

There are deffinetly sections which I can improve to the best of my ability, but if anyone was a more profficent Unity developer who could make certain elements better I would be greatly helpful.

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Female knight got me interested, might chip in a couple doodles.
What kind of Style and environment are we talking about

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Sent you a pm Epsellis!

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Hey if you are still doing this game I would be happy to lend my services as a QA tester, need experience and not looking for any money whatsoever. Thanks. Matt

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All testers are appreciated and I’ll gladly send you the game when it is at the alpha stage! I still need some modellers though to help speed this up :(