2d overhead action/shooter game

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I recently started a basic overhead shooting style game in order to refresh my actionscript 3.0 skills, however after about a week of develpment I have decided that I really like the direction the game is going. I was originally planning to have no music and very simple graphics so I could focus on the coding, however I am now interested in building into a full game complete with animations, music, and maybe some more advanced artwork.

Due to this I am now in need of a musician and possibly an artist. If someone else who thinks their skills could help wants to post here, I will consider you as help as well. (I dont need any help with the coding as it is largely finished at this point). If anyone is interested, post here with you skills and why you want to join the project, and I will message you with more details. I will say that depending on the success of this project, I am looking to eventually create more higher complexity games, so a good experience here could leave to a successful long time partnership, as well as a significant share of revenue.
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Demo ?
Screenshot ?
WHat revenue , how much ?
Previous project you made ?
Details about game ?
art style?
screen size ?
art assests required ?