Pixel Artist for Hire!

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Hello, I am canoupy and I specialize in pixel art for games. I have worked in many successful projects that have been released on a gaming centre called “steam”

If you need me just message :)


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You’ve got experience? great! But we need some kind of proof, show us the games, dont just say that you have, show us what you got!

Do you restrict yourself to only flash games or are other languages/mediums also a possibility?
Are you capable of doing a full graphic design for a game, or only sprites? ((Items, GUI, menus, cutscenes if the need was to arise, characters, tile-sheets, animations, etc…)) and most importantly, what kind of fee do you charge? if any, based on what criteria is it decided? Are you ready to discuss pricing or is your word the final statement? Would you be ready to work on open-source projects, with full art distribution rights, or only “profit projects”?