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I am planning on creating a tram this year, I don’t care whether your a noob or pro, because I’m still learning as well. Comment, below and I’ll check ya out see if your needed in the team that I’m planning to make. I’ve all ready got an few ideas of games so no idea guys or writers, thankyou.

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You should suggest some of the ideas you have for your game, pointless joining you when we might not even like your ideas. Also what are you ‘learning’, be nice to know something about you and what you do.

- Sythnet

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You should join me. You are not a bad artist. I am an action script 2.0 coder. If you will join me, you will have to work in Macromedia Flash Mx 2004

Also, – Sythnet thank you so much for the signature. I would never guess that it’s you, especially because your username is so much different than your signature.