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I’m about to start work on a TCG, and obviously I can’t do all the artwork for all the cards on my own. This document will describe all the cards I don’t have artwork for, and any artist is free to draw the art, send it to me, and get full recognition in the game.

Even if you just do one sword for example, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Aren’t you worried you’re going to end up with a patchwork of different art styles? It has been done before in TCGs (Magic the Gathering is a prime example, in the early editions Phil Foglio’s art, albeit excellent, often clashed with cards by other artists, in spite of what I assume was professional artistic direction) but it is definitely a risk. Besides, for TCGs just like for other games, a uniform art style helps set the mood.

I’m not an artist, but it’s just my $0.02. I understand that finding a single artist to do all the art may not be possible.

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It’s definitely a real concern, but I’m not sure I’m in a position to be picky. I can always trace the bitmap to a vector format to get rid of discrepancies like pencil strokes for example.

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Hmm Good response.

What do we get for drawing the cards? like, if we make an account, would we get the cards that we drew?
I might be interested in a couple weeks, After i finish this contest entry and the game i’m working on.

And most importantly, how much boobage is allowed on these cards?

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We can definitely work something out as far as an in-game reward goes.

And I don’t want the cards to be like every RPG where the female characters are straight out of a hentai. Most of them would be in some form of armour, and they should be covered up to protect them. The elementalist classes and stealth classes might have a little leeway, but these characters are meant to be feared, not ogled.