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About the Project:

I’m a graphic designer and I’m working with a programmer to create a new 3D game with the Flare 3D software. The game itself is described as a team-based puzzle RPG. Games are played in groups of up to 8 players within large and uniquely built maps that contain numerous quests and puzzles. The game will have massive re-playability and far exceed the life span of most flash games, which we hope to convert to an income earner later on. (We will not be selling out, or making it a cash cow game at any point)

If I had to pick some games to compare it to it would be: Zelda and League of Legends with RPG elements thrown in for good measure and game longevity.

The game has been in development since December.So far we have built game editing software to allow for quicker long term development, numerous game models and we have built and designed some of the basic functionality of the game mechanics and UI. We’ve spent a long time detailing specific game mechanics and refining the game as a whole. We know what we want, we just have to build it now.

Game Details:

The main USP’s of the game are that it is designed not to favour people with access to well funded bank accounts. It will be free to play with micro transactions to allow the purchasing of new content/vanity items/skills. This game is being built to provide entertainment and recognition to all those involved – it is definitely not about making as much money as possible.

Another unique element of the game resides in the loose class system. Players will be able to choose from a wide range of skills and equipment, instead of forcing players down limited and confusing class systems which restricting their game. Yes, you can be a sword wielding mage with heavy armour and a bow if you so choose!

Skills will play a large role in the game. Players can choose 4 skills for the duration of any one game (changeable after/before the game) and will be able to choose from what will eventually be hundreds of different skills. The skill will come in finding a character set up and combining it with the different skills available.

Puzzles will also feature heavily within the game, requiring players to make use of their brains to solve puzzles and organisational abilities to overcome challenges.

Position Requirements:

Efficient (vertices count) Modelling in Blender/3DSMax
Armature Animation
Produce decent UV maps for texturing

You don’t need to be the most experienced person for this position, we are both relatively new to building games, but are plenty competent in our areas of expertise. We encourage learning throughout the project but require a certain amount of minimum ability – we are not looking for people who have only been modelling for under a month.

What you get:

It will largely depend on what you can offer, but unfortunately we are unable to provide up-front monetary compensation. We are definitely open to profit share, but a lump sum payment can be made in the future for work completed if you would prefer.

Credit where credit is due – You will retain the copyright to any work contributed, however, we will retain the right to use it for the game however we see fit.

To apply, please respond below or send me a Private Message. Examples of work completed is a requirement as well as an answer to the following question: In your opinion, what are the two most important aspects of a game?

I look forward to hearing responses soon!