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Hello, my name is Jason Jones. I’m a music composer of all flavors. I’ve been writing, recording, producing in music for 15 years now. I’m not defined by a genre or specific set of games, but I am most definitely holding my influences.

My object is to, at least produce unique music, in a state where game music has to me, mostly become bland. Technology has gotten so much better and easier to work with, but the melody writing, and productions that come out, are an over barrage of layers and layers of music. I can’t tell you the last recent game I’ve been able to step away from and remember the music I had listened to.

Games are to be connected with, you should be able to hear a song on it’s own, and it should remind you of the game, and the time when you played that part. Even begin to play the song in your head, without the game in hand.

So please take a listen, and visit my website for all sample tracks, and future work.