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For the last couple of months I’ve been working on an RPG, or at least the engine to support it in flash. My first idea was to make an RPG that had many hours of gameplay in it but because I could never decide what theme I wanted to make or how the story would go I spend all my time working on the base for the game. So far I made 2 different things to work together.
The first is a world map where you move around. I based my code around making adjustments the easyest thing in the world so I can do some crazy things. I made my own physics engine which works with rotating rectangles and circles. I can adjust how collisions are handled (if objects are placed outside eachother or not, if the objects colliding bounce or not, etc).
The second is a battlemap where the fighting is supposed to happen. It’s a grid based battle where the user is allowed to controll one party member at a time. each party member has a set of abilitys/spells that they can use. The mechanics behind the engine are already done. I also implemented Line of Sight for spells so you can’t use it behind objects that don’t allow you to look over them. I also implemented Movieclip controll so you can define what frames are played while walking/idle/using an ability (The battle engine is simmilar to a French game called Dofus)

Anyway, I’ve had the problem that I couldn’t convince myself that what I made would attract artists as there is no real gameplay to be shown yet but I have decided to try anyway.

I have already done lot’s of coding but there is still much more to be done. The artstyle / The time the game setts in (modern or medieval) / The story. Nothing has been settled yet. So, I’m looking for artists / a story wrighter or even suggestions as to what the game should be.

I uploaded my latest build to deviantart
But I can’t really show the flexibilty of my code with just one build.
If you have any interest in joining my project and/or would like to see a demonstration just PM me or leave a comment.

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The engine looks very promising, great work. Alas, I am not an artist, but I hope you can find a good one, because I’m sure your game could become great with enough effort.

Also, congrats on actually having something to show when asking for a collaboration. That puts you ahead of most of the crowd.

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Sorry I couldn’t help putting this together after playing your build on deviantart.

Thorin (the top guy): I’m bored.

Hereton (the other guy): Pardon?

T: There hasn’t been a sniff of action since we got here.

H: It is not our place to seek out enemies, but to follow orders.

T: You mean the order to ‘Stand there’?

T: Its not exactly what I signed up for.

H: [Sigh] Regardless, it is our mission to guard this tavern while our lord resides within.

T: Yes, but our lord has residen… resided… whatever, for days. I’ve been standing in the same spot for days!

H: Keep your voice down. Would it make you feel better if we patrolled the perimeter?

T: Yes! Now! Patrolling, wooo!

H: Very well, lead on squire.

T: Excellent.

[Thorin goes to take a step forward]

T: Um… Hereton.

H: Thorin?

T: Uh… I can’t move.

H: Don’t be foolish, of course you can m…

H: Ahh! What witchery is this! I am also rooted!

T: Told you.

[Hereton tugs at his legs]

H: M’lord, m’lord!

H: Help us, there is sorcery afoot!

[Pause: Silence]

H: Somebody, arise and aid us! We are victims of dark arts!

H: Can nobody hear us!

[Long pause: More silence]

T: I don’t think they can hear you.


T: Whoa, calm down.


[Hereton composes himself]

H: Ahem, excuse me. I am calm young squire, there is no need to panic.

T: I’m not panicking, this is actually interesting, what do you think is going on?

[Pause while Hereton thinks]

H: The answer is obvious my boy.

T: Really?

H: Of course. There is an enchantment in place upon this tavern and all those who are close enough to feel its effect. The work of a very powerful spellcaster who must be working against our lord. This fiend will no doubt arrive shortly to carry out his unholy plans.

T: Plans?

H: Butchery and dark rituals.

T: Butchery?

H: And Dark Rituals.


T: I feel sick.

H: Keep yourself in check trainee. It is unbecoming of one of our order to regurgitate while going about his duty.

T: Nope. I feel really sick.

T: Bluergh!

[Thorin vomits a small red globe that glows dimly in the twilight which floats erratically for a moment then disappears.]

H: Thorin?

T: …
H: What just happened?

T: …

H: Thorin? Are you okay?

T: Oh gods, its happening agai… bluergh!

[This time the orb changes direction and passes by Hereton]

H: Thorin, stop it.

T: I can’t… huergh!

[Another passes close to Hereton as Thorin continues to heave]

H: Thorin, seriously, I order you to… [An orb hits Hereton in the face with a slap]

H: Arrrgh! They’re soggy! Thorin stop it, please!

T: Bluuuueeeeuueeeerrrgrgggghhhhhhhh! [A swarm of the soggy orbs fly around irratically, striking Hereton while he shields himself, wimpering.]

[The next morning]

The Lord: Good morning maid, is my steed ready for departure?

Maid: Yes m’lord, its in the stables.

TL: Very good, then I am ready to be on my way.

M: Erm, however, you know the guards you left outside sire?

TL: Yes woman?

M: … uh, well. I think you better come and see.

TL: Lead the way.

[They make their way to the stable]

M: You see, we may have given them a spoiled mug of mead to share… and… well…

[The maid opens the stable door to reveal Thorin and Heredon. Thorin is throwing up in a corner and Heredon is covered in horse dung whimpering about ‘them’ being ‘in his hair’.

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I’ve had a couple of reactions but it everyone that has isn’t an artist… I really need an artist first so maybe I should just work on this solo a little while longer. Fix a couple of small bugs, add a few more spells and some AI, work on cutscene’s, stuff like that. I will still be on the lookout for volunteers but I’m not going to sit around waiting.

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Yeah, don’t sit still. Keep at it. Also, perhaps try to actively hunt down an artist (go to all the “Artist looking for a collab” threads, check out their work and see if they fit the bill). Good hunting.

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I’m an artist/ animator if you would like to see some of my work message me. I am interested in doing a collaboration.

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Asking people to invite you on skype is probably the most insulting thing to do. 9 out of 10 times I ask them to add me on skype I never hear from them again.