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Newest demo link: http://megaswf.com/serve/2534704/
Project abandoned
NOTICE(13 AUG 2010)
I'm making serious progress. I have learned a lot in college - including that making games takes time.
Therefore, I'm gonna show you a time schedule in which I plan things to happen:

Model Programming - From June 2010 to Jan 2011
Graphical Programming - From Jan 2011 to June 2011
Story Design - From Dec 2010 to March 2011
Story Writing - From Jan 2011 to Aug 2011
Graphical Design - From Dec 2010 to June 2011
Content Creation - From Jan 2011 to Aug 2011
Audio Design - From May 2011 to July 2011
Finding Sponsors(basically, asking Kong for money) - From July 2011 to Aug 2011
BETA TESTING - July 2011

This is a very rough time schedule. I can't guarantee the times on them, and I don't expect you to believe me (given my past actions and the duration of this project). Do know that it is my intention to finish this before Dec 2011.

I won't need artists nor musicians till 2011. This is because the game I envision is... so MASSIVE, it will take me that much time to finish. I would like to elaborate, but for my own sanity I don't. It's too massive for that. (Although I guess I'm at ~15% after 4 weeks of actually working hard.)

I do need support. In the form of attention... then again, talking about the future doesn't get things done.

This is my 5th attempt to get this working again.
1st: Has demo. Reason for trashing: Is highly inefficient.
2nd: Has demo. Reason for trashing: Isn't fun!
3rd: Has demo. Reason for trashing: Overcomplicated code due to improper use (read: I made everything public and used 10-link references through arrays) of OOP.
4th: Doesn't have demo. Reason for trashing: I tried to salvage the code of the 3rd attempt, but it's too tangled.
5th: Doesn't have demo.
I can't show anything either, since there are no visuals yet, but it probably has the most progress of all attempts so far. Whilst it worries me that I have no visuals yet, I intend to finish the project, even at great costs (not getting to play games for some time).

The GDD is outdated, and thus should not really be used as a reference, but more as a general idea.

NOTICE(31 DEC 2009)

I have restarted work on the project. Around 1 Jan 2010 there will be a demo to play.
The ratings I recieve on this demo will decide whether I will continue or abandon this project.
The demo will contain the base of the basic engine, with place-holder art.
Therefore, this demo should be rated on:
- Concept
- Entertainment (shouldn't last more than 10 minutes, since it lacks a story)
- GUI design
- Programming
If there is anything wrong with those 4 things, please do notify me of that, so I can improve/fix it.
EDIT: I have decided to continue, since the demo was enjoyable. It needs tweaking, but it's definitely gonna be a step up from TRoD. END of the notice

NOTICE(somewhere in autumn 2009)

The demo can be found at


You'll have to copy+paste the link, since Kongregate is being annoying.


OTHER NOTICE(somewhere in spring 2009)

I have compiled a gallery of art that have been used in my games.
This gallery lists the users who made the most art.


My first game wasn't a huge success. It was rather a disaster. The first thing that the people said was "Broken. 0/5". And then I worked on the solution, uploaded it, but it was too late. A few players saw through though. They played it again, and then said "I want this and that, add such, add some of those... 3/5". And I got a little smile. And I have been working happy on the game ever since. And now most of the users say that it's a surprisingly good game. But the first impression was a disaster.

I want to give the "Text RPG" genre a new boost. That's why I wish to make a sequel. The players say yay to the first one (TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo). Yet I see that this, and that, and such, and even some of those, is still missing. It's not there, not in it's exact shape. I have learned much about Flash and Actionscript there.

So now I want to make a sequel. But I require the aid of others. I have learned that I don't have infinite time, nor the freedom of no homework, and even less the artistic skills. So, here is a copy of the small Game Design Document I wrote, because this time, I'm going to do it structured. Not sloppy.

Game Design Document: “TextRPG: The Turning Point”

This is a basic GDD, and not too much in detail.

Table of Contents
- Game Style
- General Storyline
Main Menu
- Options
Saving and Loading
The Main Game
- Characters
- Storyline
- RPG System
The Requirements
- Manpower


TextRPG: The Turning Point is a sequel to “TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo”. The game will also follow the style of a text-rpg, with a bit more fancy screens and style, whilst still staying in the general direction of the genre.

Game Style
The entire game will be nearly the same as “TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo”, with a few interesting changes. These are that the entire game engine will be replaced, with an engine that is capable of more user interaction.

General Storyline
The game focuses to a new character. It’s the player, who gets the choice of Archer, Warrior or Mage. Gender will be selectable, and the storyline will be written more gender-neutral (TRoD was Male-based). The character starts out in a village close by the original town of TRoD, when a scared kid runs into town. This kid will shout of demons, and re-create a scene similar to the beginning of TRoD, but this time… the people believe the kid. Because behind them, a giant smoke cloud shows how the town up river is faring… the town that had that hero for their socalled “Demon Problem.” Three other characters, each with their own class, mentality and way of doing stuff, will join the main character later on.

Main Menu
The main menu will show a couple of things: A New game button, a load game button, and instructions, and options. It should also show links to TRoD.

In the options, the sound volume can be changed or permanently muted. The Graphical quality can be adjusted.

Saving and Loading
The game will be saved by the player through in-game-menu saving, and by the computer through auto-saving on a level up of a character.

The Main Game
The main game is nearly a copy of the original TRoD, with the exception of the fact that:
- The game screen is larger than before. It’s sized 700x600
- You have 4 characters after a short bit of game
- Storyline should include more sidequest – also class related sidequests.
- Music will differ depending on situations, preferably with a smooth transition (fade of sound1, and rise of sound2)
- Experience gain should not be the same for all characters
Skill trees and abilities, with the increase of effects on the abilities decreasing per point.

The game will still be written in AS 2.0.

The Requirements
There are people required for the production of this game. These are:

- Me, Lead Programmer and Designer. Add a fancy title if you wish.
- Graphical Artists, most likely Freelance (If someone else’s work is better, yours gets replaced)
- MUSICIANS, to prevent rip-offs, like in TRoD.
- 3 other people to represent a unique style for each other party character.

This comes to a summary of:
Lead Programmer: Pimgd
Lead Artist: Raikuen
Probably artist: Zengo
Musician: "Exa"
Storywriter (warrior): BCLEGENDS
Storywriter (archer): isonno
Storywriter (mage): Raikuen

For anyone wishing to apply, please remember that you need to have some experience in the stuff you apply for. The Storywriters need to submit a biography of their character, which includes their age, gender, class, mentality, obsessions and fears. Anyone wishing to contact me besides this forum can do so by emailing to Pimgd(AT)hotmail(DOT)com.
The at(@) and dot(.) are done that way to stop spam bots.

As for the financial details:
The expected payout (the game will be sponsored) will be not so high, even with the sponsor. This due to the fact that I'm quite new to making games, and therefore, it will be quite a gamble for anyone sponsoring. That is the reason why I have decided NOT to share the revenue, because it would become pocket change (and would stop me from adding more people, as it would mean that the divider would increase by one). Should it, however, turn out to make a lot, due to it getting decent ratings and possibly contest entry/winnings and/or really good sponsor offers, I will share.

The end of the document.
Please post here if you want to help, apply or have questions.
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I wiould be happy to be assistant programmer. Contact me through Kongregate, if you want to. Also, I may need the liberty to actually see the game, so I can give more helpful responces (I’m just a visual person).

Also, may I suggest Finale Notepad for music? Generally speaking, it’s a freeware sheetmusic program that plays your songs back to you and let’s you make them into mp3s (I think).

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I believe the “free” portion of Finale is just the reader (similar to Adobe reader being free).

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OK, lets get one thing straight here: I own finale. The real, honest to goodness, full blown, super expensive edition. And contrary to popular opinion the program is not (I repeat, NOT) made for making audio files. The software is Notation software (I.E. – software designed for the exporting Sheet Music, as in the kind you print out, so that musicians can play it on real instruments). I can testify from personal experience, that you do NOT want to use finale for making mp3 and audio file (not ones worth listening to anyways).

Now, that said, I do have another program which was made for porducing high quality audio, and I have a portfolio with quite a bit of variety.


Anything of the classical genre is most likely what you will be most interested in, though I have some techno in there as well. Listen to the songs “Before the Storm” and “Demo (1)” to get a good idea of what I can do.

I would be very willing to fill the position of Composer, but with one problem. Due to being a Christian, I am not entirely comfortable about having my name on a game that has quite a bit to do with demons. Since the game hasn’t even begun yet, is it possible we could change the theme to Monsters or Zombies? It would still be scary, have the same feel, but wouldn’t involve demons. Also, anyone who possibly played your first game, might see the similarities and immediatly be prejudiced to thinking it won’t be any good. changing the theme (Vikings maybe?) would be good for publicity as well.

I am not free of homework and the like either, so progress might be slow, but it sounds like your progress would be equally slow, so it could workout fine.

anyways, sorry for the loong post, hope I get the job, I look forward to possibly working with you :) – Cobra151

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The theme will be Demons, sorry. But, although it seems in conflict with your christianity, it is actually not. If I said the game was to see in the first half how the meat-eaters gained the upper hand, and then to be struck down by the vegetarians at the last part, would you say “No, I’m not going to make something about meat, I’m vegetarian”?

The songs and compositions I hear now are very nice. They give room for thought, although none really would incorporate into the game. Play the first game, if only for a bit, to get more of the general idea.

If possible, I would like a more “holy” music piece. Something starting with Church Organs, together with singing choir, (stretched hohhh sound or something), which then slowly fades away, whilst heavier drums and other lower beats push the choir and organ away. The drums then get louder, stronger, with a massive build-up… and then, silence. A soft choir starts singing again.

Whoa, that actually helped define what kind of music I wanted, something I have been quite struggling for. If you have played Age of Empires 2, then you really know what kind of organ+choir I’m talking about. Else… maybe it’s on the internet somewhere… let me look. Ah, too bad… Can’t find it anywhere. Such a shame. Such a shame indeed. Anyways, if you agree to make the music, you got the job.

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Linebreak is your friend, no one wants to read a wall of text.

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Here’s a possible biography of the Warrior character:

Name: Alecio
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior (but a paladin-esque type warrior)
Mentality: Likes to vanquish demons, but also anything else which may threaten his (and other peoples) way of life. Is also obsessed with how strong he is, as otherwise he may get killed by that which he hates the most… demons.
Obsessions: Vanquishing demons (especially large/powerful demons), how strong he is.
Fears: That he will be defeated by a demon that is weaker than him (due to his not-high-enough strength levels). Also cows.

P.S. Keep up the good work, Pimgd!

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BC: Do you have some kind of Msn? I would like to ask more about such the character.

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I don’t have an MSN account. Nor do I have a Youtube account, Bebo account or a Facebook account. So basically, you’ll have to whisper to me on my profile for more about the character. Sorry about that. Also, I’m glad you’re interested in the character.

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Oh yes, a couple more things: When you whisper to me, I’ll whisper back to you on your profile. Just so you know. The other thing is that I could (not neccessarily, but possibly) do the stories for the other chars as well… Actually, I have a question: are the stories for each of the separate main character types, or just the characters that you obtain as other party members after a while? Just wondering.

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The storyline is really weirdly shaped… uhm, lets think of it as a few entwined branches. These are for the main character, and whether the character is Male/Female, and which Class. Then there are a few loose bits for the other party members. The party would consist of one MainPlayer, and three predefined characters you meet. These have their sidequests, and what those are going to be, I don’t know yet.

In short, they are meant for the party members. I, myself, will write the main storyline.

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Thank you for verifying, Pimgd. Once again, I’m glad you’re interested in my character, and don’t forget to whisper to me what questions you would like answering about the character(s? possibly, if you think its a good idea).

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well, I’m sorry to hear that, but for reasons I am not going to explain here, I just can’t allow my name to go on a project that I don’t agree with. that said good luck and I hope the project goes well. – Cobra151 singing out.

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Unlike cobra, I’m ok with the demon theme. I’m also a musician/composer (and to stress what cobra said earlier, Finale is not a good program for final audio renditions of music) and use Logic Pro to write and record, as well as to mix and edit. I would be really happy to write some music for your game and can’t wait to hear from you.

As a hint to working with me, should you choose to, I compose best when given a detail description of what is going on at the same time as the piece. Better yet, pictures or a demo, even if they are really early on and don’t reflect the final draft too well.


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hey pimgd i played TextRPG it was a nice attempt, you seem very dedicated. I would like to help you out with Turning Point. I can design, program and write. I just quickly knocked up a concept title for you hope you like Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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I have given a quite good description:

If possible, I would like a more “holy” music piece. Something starting with Church Organs, together with singing choir, (stretched hohhh sound or something), which then slowly fades away, whilst heavier drums and other lower beats push the choir and organ away. The drums then get louder, stronger, with a massive build-up… and then, silence. A soft choir starts singing again.

Thanks in advance though. As for the opening screen… It looks nice on one side, but totally breaks the style of the game on the other. There is no “turning point” in the screen. It just says that, but it doesn’t express that.

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Ok, here’s the short story you asked for, Pimgd (in first person):

Alright, so I was walking along, and a demon attacked me. I dodged it’s initial charge, and it turned to face me about seven meters away. Now, normally, I would have reacted instantly after I dodged, but in this case I hesitated, as the demon was, in fact, a cow demon. A hell bovine, to be precise.
Now, I have a fear of cows due to the fact that I had a bad experience with a bull in my childhood, but this cow, as I have said, was also a demon, and thus I was in a dilemma. I would have considered this further, but the demon charged at me again. I quickly decided that since I hate cows almost as much as I hate demons, I should definitely slay this demon, and so I waited. I waited until it was almost upon me. When it was only 1 meter away from me, I thrust my sword right into it’s face.
Long story short, it died instantly; my sword had directly pierced the centre of the demon’s brain – or what was left of it, anyway. My work done, I continued on my way – at a relatively quick run.

Almost 200 words there. A bit longer than you asked for, but hey, at least it’s a story.

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Originally posted by iagent:

hey pimgd i played TextRPG it was a nice attempt, you seem very dedicated. I would like to help you out with Turning Point. I can design, program and write. I just quickly knocked up a concept title for you hope you like Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I’ve had an awesome idea for the ‘turning point’ Pimgd asked for. Basically, do the same thing, but make the sword be slashing underneath the text on a curve (a ‘turn’ as such). Hope this helps, iagent!

EDIT: I have had another idea. You could turn the background black, but leave a white circle where the title is. Still have the sword slashing under the title, but now do it round the edge of the circle (or ‘point’). And maybe another sword above the title as well.

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Now that is definitely some of the style I was looking for. It’s not as descriptive, but it certainly gives a good build-up in tension.

As for the main screen… It’s the total wrong style. It’s a text rpg, and then I dont want this major graphic part at the start. Some eye-candy would be good, yet the entire screen is wrong. The second thing is that nothing really reflects the “turning point” principle. Let me draw up a nice image to show you what I exactly mean. Paint styled though. Which may take a while. A day or something (Me is sleepy…)

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That description sounds pretty decent, I’ll take a stab at it very soon. Right now though, I have a rehearsal to go to (yes, this late).

A couple things however:

Approximate length (minutes?)
When in the game is this piece played? Title screen, battles, map etc…
Will there be any sound effects playing at the same time I should know about?


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i could do archer story line

Name: Regroff
Age: 541(human years:32)
Likes: Aiming right for the middle of the head as to blow out a demons brains
Dislikes: He is terribly afraid of snakes.
Appearance: Small, with stubble on his chin. He also just goes with the flow. Has a sense of humor.

Here is my 3rd person story line:

The man walked with a little hop in his step, as he was on his way to meet the king of Rimtop. All of a sudden he heard something growl. With his razor sharp instincts, he already had an arrow nocked in shooting position. Seeing as it was a dog he lowered his bow. “Here doggy, come here boy.” the man said. The man froze. Something wasn’t right. He turned his head. Nothing. He turned back to the dog. He petted it one more time and then gave it somethjing from his hand. Suddenly the dog bit him. The bite was so intense that it had broken his hand. “OW!! damn dog.” He kicked it. “Hello Regroff. Long time no see.” says a familiar voice." I see that my dog doesn’t favor you. Oh well time to die." Regroff turned around. It was Aleicio(Sorry if I spelled it wrong BC). The two clashed splendidly. Finally after about 10 minutes Alecio ran away. “well”, said Regroff.“that was odd.”

I thought that maybe all of the characters could clash each other every one in a while. If you don’t want it like that it doesnt have to be…Anyway here is a different version

!st person view.

I was going to the bar when I saw a demon…To what kind of demon this was i didn’t know. I didn’t know whether to shoot it or let it go;after all, it looked pretty harmless. I was still sitting there thinking when a horse walked right in front of it. I losed my eyes for half a second. When I opened them I didn’t see the horse. All of a sudden a bone came fly ing out form nowhere. I dodged it and saw the problem. The demon had eaten the whole horse and was now throwing its bones at me. Quickly I got my bow and starting shooting left and right. The little sucker was so fast that not a one of my arrows hit him. With one arrow left, I tapped into the Rangers field. The world seemed to slow down, except for my bow. Quickly I looked for the demon. I saw him and shot. “EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!” cried the demon as it melted into the ground. “Bummer for him,”I thought.

I thought that there could be some kind of ranger field that you can use but it could only last for about 7 seconds before it had to recarge. Also, whenever you kill demons they couldd melt.

If you have any questions or concerns, just put a whisper on my account. Hopefully you will pick me to assist you in the making of this game.

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Ok I went back and started a new. Hope im on the right track, first let me explain my design. I used light to create a contrast between the black and the sword to pierce or cut through the ‘darkness’. I hope this is what ur looking for its hard to understand ur ‘turning point’ idea, so i used contrasting colour.


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Hmm. Interesting story, isonno. Here is a possible mage storyline:

Name: Sam(antha)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Mentality: Calm, collected, likes to get straight to the point, but hates being called by her full name, and ‘going with the masses’.
Obsessions: Increasing her endurance (most mages have low health… see above), being sexy (Maybe a possible love interest for one of the other side characters? Who knows O.o).
Fears: Blood, dead fish, the colour orange.

And now for the short story (once again in first person):

So, I was walking round town, when someone shouted, ‘HELP! HELP! MY STORE’S BEEN INVADED BY A DEMON! AND IT KNOWS ALL MY FEARS!!!’
I found the person who was shouting and said to him, ‘Calm down, calm down,’ which he did after a few deep breaths. I then asked, ‘Where is your store? I could easily dispatch that demon.’ He showed me where it was, and warned me that it would use my fears against me. I thanked him and went inside.
As soon as I had shut the door, the room had begun filling up with blood. I hated blood, so I was paralysed with fear. I could see the demon, and it was pouring the blood from it’s horns. I thanked God that it had not brought along any dead fish with it… and it started raining dead fish.
At this point, I began to slowly walk towards the demon, but not fast enough. The blood and fish were up to my chest now, and I had to use all my strength just to move towards it. When I had finally reached it, the blood levels had almost completely covered my head. I took a deep breath and went under.
I could barely see the demon through all the blood, and fish were still sinking around me. In a rare moment of panic, I wildly shot balls of energy at it, hoping they would hit him at this range.
Suddenly, the blood and fish disappeared. I saw the demon slumped on the floor, with several scorch marks on its chest, and instantly knew it was dead. I left the store, and when the storekeeper offered me some money, I kindly refused, saying that he needed it more than I did. He went into the store to get rid of the corpse, and I went on my way, thanking my lucky stars that the demon had not had the colour orange with him.

I hope you like this character as much as my other one, Pimgd, and anyone else as well. Give me feedback on what you think of her!

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Whoa… Load of replies.

The Turning Point concept is moving more and more in the right direction. I’ll try to have this concept of mine finished up today. As for the characters… nice short stories.
Samant- Oh shi- I meant Sam, I meant SAM! Would indeed make a nice filling, although I’m worried about 2 characters being written by 1 person.
The characters definitely should have a clash at each other, yet not too much in gorey stuff, more a clash of words, and teeth shown, weapons drawn, maybe an attempt to hit, but no hits. Let me try:

(You is aimed at the main character, and I’m using your characters because I totally suck at making people up)
Scenery: Everyone is exhausted after a long trip, and it’s getting dark. Regroff shot some oranges out of the trees.

“Aah, Food! Finally!” exclaims Alecio.
“Yup, thanks to me, and my trusty bow.” says Regroff.
“But… but there are… oranges… I don’t like … Oranges…” mutters Samantha. She shudders.
“This is bad quality food!” She exclaims, trying to make Regroff get some thing that is less “orangey”.
“Yeah, look at the holes in the food. Couldn’t you just shoot the branch off?” Alecio adds to the pile.
“Like you would get us food with that lumpy sword of yours!” Regroff fights back.
You stare at a piece of stone you took from the rubbled town. Is this really caused by Diablo and his minions?
“Atleast I got us food! Now shut up!” Regroff curses.
“But these are oranges…” Samantha says, whilst still holding a watchful eye over the food.
“You know, I am so strong, that if I ran up against that tree over there, all the food would come out. Better quality food than yours.” Alecio boasts.
You think about the slaughter that must have happened. It was undoubtfully horrible, with all those demons, and nowhere to hide, nowhere to run…
“Just get the food already!!!” Samantha shouts, breaking everyone’s ears.
You startle, and nearly fall over.
“Well all the weights…” “Holy Arrows…”
“What was that NOISE!” Alecio and Regroff exclaim.
“It was a sound-amplification spell. Like it?” Samantha asks.
“We… don’t, really, Samantha.” Alecio and Regroff say, still hearing more than a few beeps in their ears.
“Samantha?! You should call me Sam, you know how much I hate that! You know it!” Samantha exclaims, with the amplifier on.
“Ow…” everyone says.
“Just get the food. Saman- Sam, calm down. Regroff, I know you got us food, but Sam doesn’t like oranges. And frankly, we do need a mage. Alecio, if you think you can get food by smacking the tree, by all means, try. Just don’t, and thats to all of you, don’t make such a noise. Do you want more demons to fight?!” You say, finally shutting them up.

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I never said she didn’t like ORANGES, I just said she didn’t like the COLOUR orange. If they were red oranges, or blue oranges, she’d happily eat them. Also, I said that Sam was generally CALM and COLLECTED, not shouty like that… easy mistake, I guess, but still…