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Hello to all,

A very long time ago a programmer attempted to make me a game. He struggled to finish it and we both went our separate ways. However, the game and all it’s assets and work has been left on the shelf, it seems such a waste to leave it.

I would now like to have this game completed by someone (anyone with the ability to program flash games and experience in XML), you will need to have made at least one game and post it here with your contact details.

I will review those that apply for this position and send you further specifics.
I estimate 4 weeks full time work, all graphical assets are already made.

The game is called Kart Racer and can be viewed here:
However, as mentioned, it doesn’t work.

The idea was to create a ‘make your own’ track system for the game.

A lot of the track tiles load from XML.
Or are supposed to.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.
Pay can be discussed on email.

Best regards,