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I’m a professional music and sfx producer looking to work on some flash games. I also have established business relationships with several game portals. Am interested in collaborating on flash games with the intention of building my sound design portfolio, shipping titles and soliciting to webmasters.
I’ve worked professionally in audio / marketing online games for 2 years.

Please contact me about any opportunities at .
My audio portfolio is available online at and I’ve worked directly with websites like ArcadeTown, BumArcade, BootyArcade and Manifesto Games.

Would like to work with talented developers to create and promote great flash games!

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What are you after in return? Do you want to be paid? If so, how much?

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If you’ve got a great game that’s shipable and sellable (and we keep the devteam small) then let’s talk about it. I’m willing to be a partner on the right project, though I’ve got to be extremely confident in it.

I CAN do work for hire as an audio producer too, don’t get me wrong. :-)

I’m trying to leverage my bundled audio and marketing skills, and looking to work with experienced people. Basically, I want to work on projects that make money. Would like to discuss further if there is some synergy.