Wanted: Game Designer/Programmer -- AiLive, Mountain View, CA

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AiLive is seeking to hire creative game designer-programmers for
upcoming projects.

Requirements for this post include:
- proven ability to design fun games with strong replay value
- ability to quickly implement game designs in prototypes
- deep understanding of game design concepts
- ability to communicate requirements and lead a production

An ideal candidate would also have:
- a background in game AI
- a background in motion-sensitive controllers
- knowledge of C++
- 2yrs experience as designer or programmer in a game studio
- practical experience in producing attractive game art
- portfolio, demos

What’s in it for you?

This is a unique opportunity to get creative, to develop and see your
own game designs implemented on game consoles. Work with the current
innovators in new game technology and develop games that showcase it.

About AiLive

AiLive is the industry leader in learning artificial intelligence
technology for games. Our products include LiveMove (Motion
Recognition for Games) and Live Combat (Player Behavior Capture for
Games). See http://www.ailive.net for background. Our clients include
Nintendo, EA, Activision, Sega and Ubisoft. We are a pre-IPO company
based in Mountain View, CA.

Applications and enquiries to: work [ at ] ailive [ dot ] net

www.ailive.net — Machine Learning for Games

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Looks like some corporate site that steals fun from games.

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Sounds interesting, but if it requires a move to Mountain View I’m sadly not able to do that at this point in my life. :( Too bad – I have some ideas for improvements to player interactions with the Wii controller…

I’ll be honest, your new features video feels a little like cheating. You used what looks like a hand-drawn square to give the impression that the player is actually drawing the square, not initiating an animation that looks like a square. Good marketing, I suppose. ;) What games have been licensed to use your product?

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Yes that video looks so fake because first the square gets drawn when not pointing the wii-mote towards the screen and because while you were “drawing the numbers” something got bigged and I saw other numbers on the screen appear for a second which means they are premade drawing animations.

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Nqkoi1 – it’s not faked because the “drawing” is done via the accelerometers, not the IR pointer. That way, you don’t have to point at the screen. It’s really just doing gensture sensing though, not pointing. The other numbers that you’re seeing on the screen are all of the possibilities based on the motion input that had been given up until that point. You’ll those possibilities diminish until the algorithm decides on one number that is the best fit for the motion being made. As such, it is motion interpretation, not motion capture and display.

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i would like to make some backgrounds for you contact me at adamykelly@yahoo.com