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This forum is for collaborating on projects with others.

If you don’t have serious intentions to collaborate or don’t have constructive feedback based on real experience, you likely should not be responding to threads in this forum.

DO NOT hijack the topics others have made. Please create your own thread for your projects.

DO NOT troll or insult thread posters regarding their requests. If you think their request is questionable, report them to the forum moderators or administrators. Do not argue with them about the validity of their request. Doing so may result in a suspended account or a suspension from posting in this forum. Serious questioning is generally fine as long as its professional and has a valid basis.

▪ This is not a debate forum. Feel free to use your project threads for heavy discussion if you have joined the related project and the original poster approves, but in line with the above point don’t do this without the original poster’s permission.

Know your place. If you’ve been playing a few Flash games for a couple years or have opened the Flash IDE a couple of times, it would be wise to have more of a listening ear towards those who have been professionally making them for much longer. Being a hotshot among your friends at school because you are a little more tech-savvy does not make you a hotshot in this forum or above anyone in the game development industry. This is not a forum for egos, but awareness of experience levels should remind us to be gracious with our words and respectful to our members, since developers create Kongregate’s content for us.

▪ Always keep your behavior professional as much as possible.

▪ Discuss pricing details privately and not here in the forums.

If you are just looking to show off your art, it is recommended you do so in the Art Forum.

Thank you.