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I am currently making two games with Stencyl. One is called “DOS Computer” and the other I won’t reveal yet.

“Dos Computer” is an interactive game to where you use word commands to perform jobs. For example, “Open x:/file/video/2” would open a video file. It teaches people the concept of typing in commands.
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Yes I am making a platformer with the working title “Trampoline World”. It has nothing to do with trampolines.

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I made Goku vs. Superman, DynaDan, Ball Roll (all on my profile), and I’m working on DynaDan 2, Manga vs. Comics (or Manga vs. Marvel), and a game to be named later (I don’t know what to call it).

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duo dodge is the game i am working on. You can play in here on kongregate.
Leave suggestions. I will put them into the game

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Well, I was working on Stencyl game, before Stencyl gone insane and made those stupid subscription thing. I’m ok with paying flat price for a tool I need, but subscriptions? Seriously? WTF?! Stencyl is still great tool though so once they regain their sanity I’ll be more than happy to use it yet again.

//edit: It seems that they still didn’t.

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Mine is in development and is subject to change.
You can try the early alpha here.

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took me 67 hours, but i finally finished it

Flag Post Hey guys, check out my new platformer game.

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Hey everybody, check out my first flash game Visitors. Its an alien abduction game and I made it with Stencyl. Play it here at
or check out my blog for more great stuff at
If you enjoy the game please rate it, and help me spread the word.

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We just uploaded our first Stencyl game: StompR
Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Also, can someone tell us how to include the API functions with our games?

I am working on another game too.