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Anyone know how to make a simulation type game on stencyl? My idea is to have the action part simulated and then you upgrade things after the action ends. im not sure what these kind of games are called….any ideas?

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I don’t know what type of game it’s called, but I have played something like that – Gratuitous Space Battles, which I bought on Steam. There’s also a Flash game here called Gone to the Dogs where the race is mostly non-interactive and the upgrades take place before each race.

Think of it as dividing the game into two phases, or two rooms if you prefer. In the first phase or room, you have all the code needed to upgrade the objects that belong to the player. In the second phase or room, you have all the objects on auto pilot, guided by the AI you give them. Repeat each phase until the game ends.

Edit: I forgot, this is the Stencyl forum, and you’re looking for advice on how to do it in Stencyl. You’ll need at least two scenes, one where players can upgrade their stuff and another where the action takes place. You probably won’t need player actors. All your actors will be fully controlled by code. In a sense, they are like Enemy actors in that all their actions are controlled by the computer. Stencyl comes with a lot of pre-packaged behaviors that you can use to give life to your actors. Without knowing more details about your game concept, that’s about all I can say on how to do it.

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I know of a game similar to what you are talking about. It is called “BATTLE MECHS”. Here is the link for it.
I figured that tankilla44 may want another example of a game to get an idea of how it works. I do not know if it was made with stencyl, but it is a good example of a game to where you battle in one scene and in the other you upgrade your battle robot.