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Coming Soon: MoleculeMan... A New Indie Game

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I have finally decided on the latest project

Its called MoleculeMan…

MoleculeMan… is a new 16-Bit Indie game in development that follows the adventures of the main character MoleculeMan as he travels the lands in hopes of saving his Friends

The game will feature the following
Stats that you can Upgrade
Beautiful Tiles from the wonderful Forge known as StencylForge
Equipment that will give you Bonuses
Many Enemies

Lets begin this story from the start shall we
The village of AtomsVille was a Quiet village in the Molecule sized Universe it was filled with many happy and lively villagers until one day the evil Dr Electron invaded the small village and stole there new technology that can give anyone ultimate power
With the new technology stolen and still very unstable they thought that the world would soon come to an end until one brave soul decided to fight back his name was MoleculeMan and he wanted to get this new technology back and save the world.

Main Character Profiles

Name: MoleculeMan
Occupation: Hero
Strength: Average
Technology: None

Name: Dr Electron
Occupation: Evil Villain
Strength: Ultimate
Technology: ???

You will be able to Upgrade your character with various Technologies and Increase your power beyond its base level

Release Date: TBC
Platform: Flash
Tools Used: Stencyl

Post your comments about the games storyline, features and more
also what would you like to see in the game

Below I will keep you guys Updated on the current progres I will update this whenever I finish doing development each day

Day #1 Thursday 15th November 2012 7:15pm

Started Making the tutorial level
Had some trouble with the tilesets but thats all fixed now
Put in placeholder art for player character
Added way to kill enemies
Added Jumping
Added Movement

Playable Tutorial Level [Let me know any bugs or what you think of the level Please note this is not the full game]
Click Here

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Just a quick Bumpdate

Added more to the tutorial level
Added Collectables
Made it so that you can not leave the screen

Still to Do
Aton of stuff

Still to add to tutorial level
More stuff
A way to complete the level

Next to come
World Map

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Day #2 Friday 16th November 2012 6:56pm

Continued Making tutorial level
Added Trees to the tutorial level
Attempted to add a wall jump feature which failed so I removed it [Will be readded in later]
Uploaded Tutorial Demo
Got some feedback about bugs
Fixed the slowing down when hitting the ground after jumping
Still not finished making tutorial level

Next to come
Health System
Finish Off the tutorial Level
More Enemies
A ton more stuff

Game Completion Status: 0.5%

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I Have Improved the Jumping and almost finished making the tutorial level
Added in Health and a way to get Hurt :D

Still some more to be added to the tutorial level will post later

Update #2
Finished Making the tutorial level somewhat Will Probably add a bit more to it later if need be
Added Way to Die and also when you die some text falls down saying You Lose!

I am Now Working on the World Map which will hopefully have a Nice Never before seen tileset (However don’t count on the tileset being Never before seen I Have requested for one on the Stencyl forums so its all up to that thread)

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Day #3 Saturday 17th November 6:10pm

Finished Making Tutorial Level
Added World Map
Now waiting on a New tileset to make the World Map for
Started Working on the Title Screen
Incorporated the Use of Custom Fonts
Added Health Bar
Added the Abillity to die

I Have finally finished making the tutorial level it took a while but its done now
Might Upload the Current Demo of the Game tommorow to see what people think of it so far Otherwise ill Probably upload another demo onto Stencyl

The game is on its Third Day of Development and its going great so far

Still Haven’t updated the art for the Player yet I hope to do so eventually with a fully working animated character I already have in my head what I probably want it to look like

Tommorow I might start some work on the Upgrade System depending on how much level development I get done

Stay tuned for more information

EDIT: Features yet to come

Wall Jumping
Epic Scenery [Like the ones in Super Meat Boy]
A Level Editor
So Much more Stuff

Originally Posted on Stencyl Forums

Also there will now be Unlockable Characters [Im hoping to maybe get some Popular Video Game Characters]
[New]: Means that the Character has not appeared in any game outside of this game so far
Current Unlockable Characters
MoleculeMan [New] Default Character Unlocked from the Beginning
Mregal [New]: Unlocked By:

Both Mregal and MoleculeMan are Copyrighted Character’s of Shubshub Productions
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Day #4 Sunday 18th November 6:10pm [Wow same as yesterday lol]

Added Unlockable Characters
Improved some stuff

Thats about it
I didn’t do much today don’t worry much more will happen tommorow

Current Unlockable Characters

MoleculeMan is now a Working Title as I found out that there is a Game called Molecule Man that came out in 1986 So Im thinking of changing it to Molecule Boy or Atom Boy or something Awesome Don’t Worry I will handle the game name at a later date

I’ve been watching Super Meat Boy Video’s and it gave me some ideas

Updated Mechanics
I Have removed the health feature so now you die in 1 Hit just like in super meat boy

Upcoming Mechanics
Transforming [Only Availible on MoleculeMan]
Wall Jumping
Level Select Screen
Upgrade System

Remember im Looking for Graphic Artists to do the Artwork for the game just chuck me an email at
shubshubz [at] hotmail [dot] com


~Shubshub Productions

On a Side Note: The reason Im looking for Graphic Artists is because I don’t want this to be just another one of those Half assed Stencyl games that you see all the time No this is gonna be a game worthy of being called a game


Possible Future Unlockable Characters
The N Ninja [From the N Game]
Meat Boy [From Super Meat Boy]