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My problem with stencyl and a few suggestions.

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I’ll start with. . . I have been using stencyl for a few months now, pretty aggressively. But have encountered a couple of glaring issues that I wish would become resolved. Here are a few of them.

Stencyl Forge.

Forge is a resource for people to upload resources like images, sounds, scene behaviors, various programing chunks, abilities and the like.

The problem with forge is 90% of the things that get uploaded are copies of stock behaviors people are claiming as their own. The other 10% are some decent code.
Nobody ever uploads images, sounds, or tilesets.

Stencyl has been around for around 2 yrs now and theres almost nothing there for new developers.

Stencyl is created for novices who have little or no experience in programing, and offers a way for people to step into the world but the system in place is broken at best. The official forums have a couple of very helpful people but thats it, theres about 6 people there who can (or are willing to) answer the simplest of questions when developing and if those people arent online you’re screwed.

If stencyl is to have a chance they need somebody there to answer questions. People arent going to pay for your product if they cant use it. If they want people to drop the 300 bucks or so it costs to purchase the full product they need to have the support there to help them and not rely on the kindness of strangers.

Stencyl is just a few guys, an indie type thing and thats all and good, but if they are a serious business and want to make their product popular they need to hire someone to work support and help people with their questions, and they need to hire an artist to make resources for the forge and possibly have that programmer they hired to keep the current stock resources up to date with the current version of stencyl when they arent helping people as well as upload, clear understandable resources for people to use.

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But the developer forums have good links to resources- the trouble is good free sound and graphics resource developers like to have some control over who uses their resources.