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A friend and I are beginning to work on a concept for a turn play rpg and I’ve been slowly learning how to work inside stencyl. The game includes multiple optional party members, cutscenes, changeable equipment, spells, skills, and so on. I’m new to programming and literally know nothing as of now (likely why I am using stencyl) so I’m coming here to ask a few questions.

First off is this possible to do in stencyl? Preferably without having to go into the actual script of the game to edit and create certain events and parameters.

Second, does anyone know any reliable tools in stencyl forge that I could use to help me along with this project? I know a lot of tools are there already but I haven’t seen anything that looks applicable so far.

Third, is there anything that could be part of a turn play rpg that is not possible to do in stencyl?

Any time taken to read and respond is greatly appreciated!