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Book 5: Chapters 7 and 8

Now that you’ve discovered why the Andarans have brought you “home”, you get to meet another race that dwells far below Heren. Their city is beautiful and their magic most powerful. Now, you just have to get inside the city and rescue the princess. Good luck!

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Book 5: The Finale

The final chapters are now out including a new amazing raid boss with unbelievable art from Trung (see the credits for more info). There is also a new secret area – going to assume you know what that’s about by now. If you’ve been lucky enough to pull a Bloodstone out of a treasure chest, you can also redeem it there if you so choose. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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Shadow Walkers Released!

Some of you will be asking, “Wait, I don’t see anything new – what are they?” Hold on, hold on – here are the basics:

The Shadow Walkers are a cross between ultra raids and regular raids. The raids work like an ultra raid when you are attacking, but you can share them with your guild if you are the Raid Master.

You have to be at least level 100 to see them on the World Map. You have to be at least 125 to unleash them. However, if you have a buddy who unleashes one, anyone level 80 or higher can join (either by sharing the raid with his/her guild or clicking the name of the raid while attacking to get a direct link).

The Shadow Walkers drop new crafties called Shadow Keys. A new area called the Alchemists Alcove (reached once you can get to the Shadow Walkers), let’s you use the keys to get reagents. The reagents can then be used to upgrade any epic gear (purple) or better.

There is a bunch of helpful info on the Shadow Walkers’ “What is this” help screen as well.

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Book 6: The Astral Invaders is Live!

Fenn has summoned you to Balin to investigate a mysterious mine. Old friends will become foes, new friends will join your party and once again, you must save Heren from those who would destroy your home and all of Hernvale. Loads of new stuff:

1. Quests – The first two chapters have been released.
2. Gear – Check the Market and Crafting areas for new items.
3. Crafting Recipes – the ingredients will be dropped by the new raids when they’re released.
4. Item Sets – see the Library for Crom’s Blood.
5. Treasure Chests – new treasure chests with the most powerful (and some of the best looking) gear, yet.
6. Spells – two new items that drop powerful spells on raid bosses.

And there’s still more to come. Stay tuned for the next Book 6 update in two weeks!

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Book 6: Chapters 3 and 4

What are these strange new beings up to? What lies buried within the Windown Mountains? More clues to the mystery are revealed in Chapters 3 and 4. Gain access to one of the new raids as well as new crafties. There are also two more loadout slots for elite heroes!

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Book 6: Chapters 5 and 6

The Astral Plane beckons and you must answer the call! Meet the invaders on their home turf, find a possible ally lurking in the shadows and unlock Myksal the Crystal Golem in the latest release. Enjoy!

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New Secret Area

In response to multiple emails suggesting it, a new Secret Area™ has been added. Whether you’re tired of that Enchanted Lava Band, have too many Ultra Shots taking up space in your inventory or just like helping the good people of Herenvale, this is the secret area for you! Who is going to be the first to find it?

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New Concept Piece – The Barbarian

CROM! This is an amazing piece of work from one of my artists, Phillip Simpson: check it out here

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Book 6: Chapters 7 and 8

Traveling deeper into the stronghold of the astral invaders, you must trust your new companion, Vosh, as he guides your way. Help him retrieve one of their treasures from the Dark Chamber in order to save Herenvale!

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Chronicles of Herenvale

CoH has been running for two years now! Oh, how the time flies. To celebrate, there is a sale on all Treasure Chests in Books 3, 4, 5 and 6 for a (very) limited time. There is also a very special commemorative item available in the Rings section of the Book 1 Market. The item is also only available for a limited time (so please get yours now as they won’t be available when you email me next month – you know who you are ;-) ).

As the item mentions, I sincerely appreciate all the love and support over the last couple years. Kong has been a great community to be a part of. I’m looking forward to launching my next game soon in addition to finishing Book 6 and going strong on CoH.

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Raid Update!

You can now unleash multiple raids of the same type. This lets you really bang some Barrgs if you know what I mean. However, there is a price to pay – each raid of the same type that you create costs more than the last. Once the raid is killed (or the time runs out – don’t let that happen!), you go back to the previous price. If you only unleash a single raid at a time, the cost will be the same as it always was.

Some who have been using the multiple tab exploit may find this change annoying as they now have to spend more gold in order to get the same results. However, spawning multiple raids of the same type was never intended in the design of the game. You can see that from fact that you need to open multiple tabs to do it. When this “feature” was discovered, I fixed it. Several people didn’t like it being fixed so I decided to leave it in. What happened is some guilds have become masters of “speed raiding” while others are all like “Hey, how they killin’ so many raids? Blerg, pass the nachos.”

The update makes it fair for all with a little decision making process to go through before spamming raids – do I want to farm gold, farm plat, boost my raid score as quickly as possible, get someone else to spawn raids, etc. It also cuts down on orphaned raids on the server. Players were spamming raids and just quitting out with no damage because there was no penalty.

Overall, I feel this change is good for the game. Thanks for listening and playing and supporting the game.

The new cost follows this formula:

x = the number of raids of that type you’ve started (and haven’t finished)
y = starting cost in gold (plat raids don’t do this)

gold = (2 ^ x) * y

It caps at 25,000,000. Raids that you start and retire from count until they are dead or the time runs out.

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Myksal, Galor & More!

I’m in a rhyming mood and need food…badly. Let’s start with the “more”. You might have noticed the “Arenas” quick links dropdown has been replaced with a Crafting dropdown. Crafting is just a whole lot more useful for more people than Arenas so it make sense to provide easier access (it was sort of buried as some people pointed out). Crafting has also been broken into tabs for even easier access to whatever you’re in the mood to craft. More craftable stuffs are coming.

For the guildies, Myksal and Galor have been added to both the guild bank screen and the guild nemesis screen. Now you can choose a book 6 boss as a nemesis or unleash them with your guild plats. Enjoy!

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New Refill Crafting Recipes

There are now two more crafting recipes in the Refills section – one for energy and one for stamina. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to have some of the ingredients already to cook up some free boosts!

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The Lockbox

Now you can drop crafties in your allies’ Lockbox’s. Got too many of a particular crafting ingredient and not enough of another? Find someone to trade with. There is a new Lockbox tab in the upper right of the public profile of every hero. You can drop a crafty to help a guildmate or just get the newest noob a head start.

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Final Chapters of Book 6

Book 6 is now complete! Face off against the Overlord to save Herenvale from the Great Harvest. Collect a Black Crystal in your loot then search for a secret area to turn it into Platinum….or use it in a new crafting recipe to create a Dark Shredder! The new recipe is on the Book 6 Treasure Chests screen.

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Level Cap, Elite Mercs Cap and Inventory Cap

You’ll notice a theme here if you look closely. The new level cap is 900. If SPIR isn’t there in 2 days, we’ll send a search party. The new Elite Mercs cap is 2499 (this includes free ones from daily rewards as well as purchased ones – no changes in that regard). The sooner you get to 2499, the sooner you can go over it with free ones. The new inventory cap is 5,000. That’s 2,000 more than it was. 2,000. I can hear the server scream when I go to bed at night.

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Cloak of the Infinite Abyss

There’s a new cloak in town. Okay not so much in town as it is in the Windown Treasure Shop. It’s got buffed stats and a bigger raid damage bonus. Makes the Enhanced Cloak of the Abyss look a little ratty – still nice but maybe just a little. A great suggestion from one of our faithful Herenvale players.

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New Easy Access Loadouts

Once you hit level 50, you get access to easy access loadouts. Your loadouts will be added to the “Your Army” dropdown in their own little section when you sign in (sorry they aren’t added dynamically for now so if you create a new one, just refresh to get it in your list). Wow – this is cool! Seriously, it’s pretty cool. Email or pm if you find any issues and enjoy.

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This update is so big it doesn’t even have a title. There’s a new ultra raid in town (really hope I haven’t used that line before) – Lords of Ice and Fire. The Lords used to be good buds, but now they’re sort of bitter enemies and they hate you, too. See the item descriptions for more on that. The Lords have brought with them a couple new sets of crafties that you can use to construct twelve (12) new items including the new Fire Lord set – see the Library for details. The new items can be viewed from the Crafting → Gear dropdown. There’s all sorts of good stuff in there from Awareness to Astral Fire to Crit to Raid Dmg to the highest dmg item in the game. I haven’t even mentioned that the art is some of the best art ever and you can get a tail! Yes, it’s going to be hard to make all of them. Get with your friends and start collecting and trading crafties. Good luck!

As a bonus feature, you can also filter gear on the Profile screen by tier – please note the filters are independent so you cannot filter by weapon and then by tier. Choosing a tier shows all items of that tier.

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So Twitter

I’m going to try and post more about what I’m working on over on twitter. If you’re on twitter (or want to sign up), come check it out:

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Medals of Herenvale

You can find this new area on the World Map in the lower left hand corner. The medals are an achievements-type system inspired by two of Herenvale’s greatest heroes. See if you can guess who they are. You can earn Platinum (which everyone seems to love for some reason) as well as exclusive, ridiculously cool and ever-so-useful items. Of course, it’s not going to be easy to earn the medals or what fun would it be.

More might come in the future but for now, there are two dedals with 9 levels each. Please make sure to activate your Raid Kills ranking from your detailed/public profile screen on the Rankings tab to qualify for the Raid Kills medals. You can activate it any time but can’t collect medals until after you do.

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Guild Raid Updates

Alert, alert…there has been a price reduction on guild ultras. And a massive buff to the loot table for guild ultras! What does this mean? The first part is easy. It’s just cheaper (only 30 platinum to summon a guild ultra). The second part is more complicated but still not too difficult. Every member of the guild in the raid will get a crafty drop. Every one. Everyone. Get your guildmates together and start raiding ultras!

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Happy Halloween

There are two very new and very scary masks now available in the Book 1 Market for a limited time! The masks are based on a couple of my favorite raid bosses from the good ol’ days. Get ‘em before they’re gone!

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The Tombs Are Now Live

There are new quests, new gear, new crafting and a new ultra raid featuring powerful mages ready to pick up where Marras left off – all ready for your hero! You will need to be at least level 200 or have finished the first six books in order to enter the new area. Check out the new spell, Blood Fire, and see if you can beat your BBB.

The quests use an all new system that displays your hero, gear and all, in the dungeon! Hope you like it!

Also, read the help screen (click the question mark icon on the new world map) for even more details.