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This is game updates, if the thread is unlocked please do not suddenly fill it with objects unrelated to discussion.

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A new secret area for the more advanced players! Pretty sneaky, slisk (or something like that). Hint: it’s in Book 3 and allows you to upgrade your Slisk Fang Necklace. The first upgrade is also available in the Book 3 Market if you don’t want to craft the Necklace then collect the required items to upgrade it.

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And you can now have an Army of Ladies (as McSod calls it). Or you can stick with your current army of burly gentlemen. What’s that? You think this is silly? Blame McSod.

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Oh you want a hint on how to get your Army of Ladies? Your Army → View Army → pretty much can’t miss it.

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Wondering what to do with all those Crystal Dirks you’ve got lying around? What about that extra Ring of Summoning you can’t equip?

Well, we now have just the thing. In the first of our enhance-able, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gear, you can now combine two of certain items to create an even more powerful item making you the envy of all the heroes and cleaning up your inventory as well. Mary Poppins would be proud.

Go to Book 3 and check out the Window Treasure Shop for details.

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We’re not sure this is going to blow your socks off, but it’s a solid addition (and comes from the suggestions forum). You can now put requirements on guild applications – by level and big boss bash.

A little development insight if you’re interested. Some of you are going to say, “I don’t see them in the guild list.” (guild list being the list on the left when you click on the Guilds button). You would be correct. You only see them when you click on the guild to view its details. The reason for this is simple. It’s more work to add this to the list – for me and for the servers. If guilds don’t populate the info, then there’s no reason to do the extra work. If guilds use the requirements feature, then it makes sense to do the extra work so you can see the reqs in the list.

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Because you asked for it (and because it makes sense)……the battle multiplier for Stamina now persists when you rematch the same opponent! BAM! Happy birthday, Easter Bunny!

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A popular question: “What were the standings in last week’s guild leaderboards?”

Now you can find out! You’ll have to wait until next Monday, but that’s only a few days away. Each week the leaders will be saved so you can see what the previous week looked like. Who moved down, who moved up? Check it out next week.

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N-E-W I-T-E-M-S! These will give you a whole new look in addition to being some of the most powerful gear in the game. They are located in the Book 3 Market and will help against boss defenses as well as holding up pretty well in PvP.

Check ’em out here:

And here:

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Weekly Guild Member Stats!!!

Now you can see who is doing what each week. I know some of you track this by hand. This should make it easier. Easier = better. There is a new “Stats” button on your guild’s details. If you click this magic button, you can see the raid kills (this is the points earned by tier, not actual kills), raid damage (not everyone can get the kill) and battles (this is points, not the number of battles). You can even go view other’s stats. Each player in the guild can activate the feature or admin’s can activate it for their members if they want.

The stats will reset weekly so if you want to keep historical stats, that’s up to you. These stats are all about what have you done for me lately ;-).

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What’s that? You’re tired of your guild nemesis? SWEET! You can now update your guild nemesis for 5 Platinum if you’re an admin. It was going to be 10 but we love you all that much. Seriously, the nemesis isn’t meant to be updated every time you raid but this is easier than answering emails asking about updating your guild’s nemesis.

As an added bonus, the attacker links in raids now work properly after the list updates when you’re doing damage. Probably not a huge deal, but it’s fixed.

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You can now get a direct link to your guild (or other guilds for that matter)! Just view any guild’s details and click the “Get a link to the guild” link to see the direct link. You can then copy and paste it on your Kong profile, send it to Facebook friends, write it on your bathroom mirror and other fun stuff.

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Real-time Raid Updates!!!

Wow, we are loving this feature (and by we, I mean I and hopefully you)! Now you can see people join raids and watch their damage update in real-time or at least as fast as their network and yours will allow. If you haven’t seen it, get into an active raid and watch the fireworks. Pretty cool stuff!

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CoH goes mobile! Can’t get to your computer to burn that energy and stamina? Trying to help your guild but away on business? Chronicles of Herenvale on the iphone is just what you need! There is a new CoH Account tab, next to the Wiki tab, that lets you create your game password (if you don’t see the Account tab, just refresh your browser).

I would appreciate it greatly if you’d take the time to add a glowing review in itunes – 5 stars helps a lot in terms of getting the app out there. You won’t see all the bells and whistles like guilds and ultra raids, but it’s a great start and I’ll look to improve it as soon as possible. An android version will be coming along shortly.

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CoH Android!

The moose is loose. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either, but the android version of CoH is now available:

It’s the same as the iphone version only it has offers to get Platinum (just like Kong although I’m not sure they’re exactly the same but they are provided by the same company) without spending real money. Apple doesn’t allow that sort of thing. Don’t forget to give it a 5 star rating, pretty please.

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The Dragon Knight Rings

These enchanted rings will buff your damage when beating on certain defenses – Shields and Force Auras. The rings (along with other Dragon Knight gear) increase your chances of Dragon Drops. We (and by we I mean I) recommend buying one of each.

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Daily Rewards

Yes! They are finally here after the 1,682nd time someone suggested them. The first time you play each day, you’ll have a chance to pick up a little something extra – gold, a potion, a crafty, a scroll, an ally or even <gasp> platinum. Note: Rewards and the chance of getting them might change over time. Currently, all rewards have the same chance of dropping.

You enter a combination to claim your daily reward. The combination is a set of pictures and numbers. The pictures depend on what book you are in. The numbers are, hopefully, pretty easy to sort out once you see the Daily Reward pop-up. If you use a combination that has been entered in the last 2 hours, you get the same reward that the player who created the combination. What does that mean?, you ask. It means if someone gets a cool reward, you can piggyback on their good fortune. Very cool!, you say. We agree.

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More Enhanced Items

When the first enhanced items were released, some clever individual suggested that it would make sense if you could do something similar with the Book 2 treasure chest items of which you don’t really need multiples. That clever individual as well as everyone else can now do just that. Two of my favorite items, the Cowl of the Shifting Winds and Talons of the Crow, are now enhance-able!

AND the enhanced items are the first items with a special that buffs your crit chances. Comes in handy during PvP if you know what I’m saying, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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Raid Activity Fix

I’ve uploaded a fix for the issue where if you’re in multiple raids and jumping from raid to raid, supplying generals and other parts of the navigation will stop working due to a javascript error. The javascript was getting confused….poor javascript. I’ve made it smarter, and it will now (hopefully) play nice with all of your raids.

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4 New Items!

Just in case you want to feel pretty (but that’s not all this gear is good for). New Priestess Valta items can be found in the Book 2 Market. The gear has some of the highest Fortitude and Knowledge stats making it great for quests requiring those. Knowledge also helps boost crit chances and Fortitude contributes to health for PvP although the gear is targeted at questing as you can see from the high Energy values.

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It’s a Festivus Miracle on Memorial Day!

1. Winning streaks are no longer broken if the attacker is 50 levels (or more) higher than the player being attacked.

2. The secret areas are now a little more generous. You can trade up to 12 gems with Cap’n Jack, Theodoritus and the Sinti Mystics.

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Book 4: Plane of Fire

Once again, the Protector General has need of your services. Your journey starts, where else, but at The Bottomless Tankard. The life of a hero is never an easy one, and your time at the pub is short-lived as the Royal Eye seeks you out interrupting your quality time with your favorite barkeep, Janks…..

- First two chapters are out for your questing pleasure! Available from the World Map if you have finished Book 3.
- New mobs including the fearsome Mug o’ Ale.
- New gear in the Book 4 Market. All new gear is wearable – just like the Mali gear – and looks amazing! I have a new artist (Whitney Misch) doing the awesome art for Book 4. He’s a local Austinite and an up and comer in the gaming scene.
- Cool new red interface ;-). Book 1: Gold, Book 2: Blue, Book 3: Green.
- Updated Elite Mercs cap [increased by 500 to 1499] and inventory cap [increased by 500 to 3000]. Can still go over with Daily Rewards.
- New bosses in the coming weeks (can apparently be summoned right now if you get uber-lucky with a summoning ring…that wasn’t really planned but sometimes things don’t go as you plan).
- Am I missing anything?
- New ingredient drops and crafting recipes.
- To be continued in two weeks!

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Book 4: Chapters 3 and 4

Chapters 3 and 4 have just been released in Book 4! A bunch of new quests along with the new raid boss, Blazar the Inferno! Blazar is the first boss to drop the crafting ingredients for the new Book 4 items so start collecting the new runes, crystal shard and demonic core.

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New Boss Coming Soon

There may or may not be a new world boss coming up for high level players (sort of like Malikar). The links below may or may not look like that boss if there were going to be a new one.

There are 2 versions for your downloading pleasure: