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For perspective, say for a guild of 50, 50K pvp, or 1K per member, for one week, really is simply a warning. It is a “slap on the wrist”, not an account ban.

I wouldn’t call it a “punishment” imho. 50,000 is enough to be noticed, and obviously focused attention as intended. I have talked to a few in TWS over the months or heard them in chat.

I’d be surprised if the ones I know took it for anything more than it is. We are all gamers. I kind of like this game – shiny’s, sniping, crafty’s, spying, daily combo, alts and all. I’ll shut up now, at least in this thread, lol!

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to umar and turin both: guys i can not beleave that u are not willing to take any responsability of what u have done, and further more try to shift blame to TPC as the bringers of the alt suicide system. Earlier last year turin and i had a spirited discussion of what they are doing, and than you my friend were not denieing that you are doing what you are doing but arguing that what u were doing is not wrong, do you remember that my friend? and now u want to sell to me and others a story that u have not done or encourage it? but saying that u have talked members out of it, or to not over do it. cmon!
and Another thing, u can not compare using cash and using time to cheat, because after all developers do not make these games for the love of it, but for profits.
With this said i am out of this topic with the exception of a need to respond to a direct attack or question both!

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So as not to disappoint Mososh – I say that every member of TWS should have one testicle removed.

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Hi all. Its time to say something in honest form from perspective like oldest active player here who see all game changes and all of a kind players and their "productive"behavior/methods. Sry for my bad english and big post but if something will be unclear i can elaborate later if be needed.

“All” players have alt/s, and I dont see any bad thing at these. Theres are many situations in these game when alt is approved and realistic method when individually player have benefit like: 1.When player want to try different style of play(pvp,raid,quest),2.When want to taste stam raid and dont have plat for it.,3.To boost his main acc when he need like 48exp till next lvl and have 0:0 energy/stam etc.
Never but never in these game that was not the problem.

From my view this is not abuse why: 1.Because for first these is real player who play with alt on same way like with main alt just in another conditions,2.Those alts are used for personal use( individual benefit) not collective/guild benefit,3.In end those alts with time become inactive and they are just used on above situations and similar to that.

I can be wrong and if im wrong tell me you players and mososh himself. But most important difference between normal and not normal alt approach in these times when game is changed a lot, is how you use alts: individual benefit for player himself or guild benefit like when collective have benefit and not only players who use alts, although most of that guild members are not aware that their guild use alts on daily base and in huge numbers to secure win.

Now to this actual situation what happen yesterday: Till first day when Crew was created like productive machine those are my first words on chat and to all present, about way from what i think that Crew need to go: “I will and want to make from this Crew the most violent and brutally best team with synergy fluid atmosphere + a dose of friendship.”.
Till today those words are actual in my and Crew mentality.

All of you from true TWS members who call me idiot, cry baby, shithead, etc. i will just say thx and xaxa but i rly dont give a fuck about your opinion. You dont know me i dont know you so you cant judge me and my character traits. What you know, nothing. Only who can judge me are players who knows me and thats the real judge for my game status.

In one month after tws are activated and begin his journey in guild waters like serious, stabilize and defined guild everybody knows that tws is guild with many alts in his possession. You pass us and in some time declare like #1 pvp guild no matter that all those week victory was boosted with alts and persistent members who have nerves and personal fair touch to that “productive” methods.

I protested a little but in the end i say fuck it, time will come when they gona see that this is the wrong way of play. We are from begin more raid guild then pvp so pvp section was not priority.In essence i was happy that we got serious competition in pvp, without real see what can be if these innocent alt users become alt animals and have animalistic fleet and army of alts.

Why these week of all these. On Sunday last week i say to all Crew members lets destroy tws in pvp and i boost productive animalistic morale on the highest lvl ever, that every player who can be productive be productive and contribute. We lead in pvp and whats happen i come online and see with my eyes in that current time but not first time how awek who activate motherfucking alt fleet of 50-100 alts and start bombarding umar,Sazh,himself,Holybitt etc. In lees then one-two hour TWS goes more then 5k+ advantage like real fury just because of alts. Scoreboard was almost burned of that high bombarding speed of dying alts.

Now question for all of you who defend those alt method…How to beat that? How to battle and win against that on fair productive way?How to play against team with “50” members who have another 200 or more alt suicide players on reserve and can be activated at any time, and in any number and on any tws player on whole guild benefit?

Its idiotic and pure nonsense from me and any Crew member to continue push and boost morale at any next week to be productive, animalistic and spend time to be animals and that they scalp in pvp domain, when others use unreal productive methods and make us indirectly like true productive idiots. HAHA lookthose Crew idiots they need to raid and summon extra stam for better pvp score, they so suck.

I also ask members how to beat tws alt army with propose: fight fire with fire or? None even try to say lets make more alts then tws, i wonder why, no matter of game rules.Its not natural for these game to have so many alts just in one purposeto be winner on fake way.

But yesterday was the crucial moment when umar,Sazh or turin overpass those raised 50lvl barrier with accept 4 low lvl alts who replace current tws “productive pvp method” that awek, umar and all other alt generals can pump those alts and make themlike true pvp animals. When i see those alts all have less then150 wins and after half hour all have more then 500…in times when we have 1k+ pvp advantage.I know that TWS have alt habits and they use this in normal way no matter of any but yesterday you make these competition in pvp section unfair, unreal and totally start to demolishes competition spirit, cause powerless morality, and eat like cancer base guild competition foundations.

I just point to the problem for better and fair future.

I never had any against TWS like guild and their players.

I allways gratz to any guild/players who beat us on any section.

Also i want to say that i truly respect like individuals players and animals: Sazh master,Holybitt,Schulzki,Siccz,SPAR,The Sprett
and on some way even tiptop :).

See ya next week on pvp battlefield without alts i hope, then we will see how productive rly you are TWS.If you win us i will
congrats to you on honest and fair way.

Just dont try to make us idiots and attack us with your alts and s/s that we be like you. We dont use alts in purpose to defeat
someone especially if exist in game normal way to beat someone. Try to be fair to yourself and to others.

Over and out.Enjoy ppl and battle,kill > WIN! > on fair way ofc :)

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Ok, my final post and I am done. I never owned alts personally, I did benefit from their use and of course I was aware of it. I was not aware of the final act of bringing in low level players and I don’t personally care what ikob says as he does not know me, but I too was upset over that. Either way lets bury it and move on. No excuses, it was done and no denying. As I said earlier and I will say once more only: on behalf of myself and all of TWS I apologize to all. That is all I can do and I can say no more.

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Wow! there’s a lot of things that i didn’t know! Like using your alt to pass a level! ;)

Firstable, i agree with Mososh sanction. There was a incontestable abuse since a little.

Like Turin i benefit of little players that attack me, since 3-4 weeks, but never needed alts to score.
At the first that attack me and losed 10 times i said “are you crazy?”, but some others did, so slowly i understand.

But i think TWS do not need alts army to win the pvp ranking.
Since the start, with the ancient members of Shen an Calhar, TWS is very strong in battles. With my (only) alt Galaadin. I (uto) stayed a long in Shen, and joined TWS few months ago.

So, if i understand well (that it resting to prove), we can use alts, but in a “convenant” way.
For example, having 2 heroes in the same guild, that can punctually help each-other.

Now we can maybe have a such way with champions? Since this week, i attack my champs with my own hero and my alt, cause i’ve seen the others do, and so there’s no way to win if you do not.
Today i stop doing that. Hope some leaders in the champions league will do?…

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Ok i want to say some things, the alt usage on me has stopped at the start of the week so i got 0 wins from alts because the one doing it cant do it anymore, which i like, because yes i got hit multiple time by is alts and i have tried to make him stop. So right now im more pissed at him than anyone esle because he didnt listen to us and the 4 new “guild members” that were put in the guild its true they got a lot of wins in a really short time but they were low lv (-30) so they coudnt make tier 2 raids thats why they got the boost, and also there score had not been activated so those wins were useless to us anyway they were in just to make low tier raid, not make us win in pvp.
Yes i got alts of my own but i use then like SASP said to get me to lv up when i need like 50 xp, i also use them to hunt for codes when there is none around but i have never used them everyday of every week just so we could win in pvp i just used what i needed for a lv or a code, im glad the alt usage as been blocked like this because now the player that used them cant anymore, and to finish i want to say im sorry for what he did but it was just him that used that much alts i dont know why he did it like that and really i dont want to hear from him at this time but i think he should leave the guild because he made us look bad and i dont want ppl to think we all did this, i can easy get 2k wins a day so i dont need alts to boost me and no one should do it its really not the way to go because thing like this can and will happen to those that go too far. So again im sorry for that im a respectful player and i dont want my name to be dragged in the mud like this or anyone else that had nothing to do in this.
I think if this ever starts again the guilty member will get his butt kicked so hard he will never feel his legs again.

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Originally posted by dkm458:

So as not to disappoint Mososh – I say that every member of TWS should have one testicle removed.

Unless they are female, then we shall add one to them.

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I Personally feel offended as a TWS member not by the punishment, it was as bobby2000101 said – 1k per member one time, it can and will be overcome next week, and not by the accusations of some other people who claim what they want. Not all TWS members were involved in this activity, and not all of them even knew, I’m being one of both, and who’s havong hard time believing this – go screw yourself, I and others like me don’t have to prove to anyone but ourselves. I was offended by the post of one dkm458 “I say that every member of TWS should have one testicle removed.”. I have conversed with him in chat, he’s a nice guy, but come on dude, even thinking about it hurts. And I know you are a hunter and can do it, and that makes it scarier. So if my testicle is removed in my sleep, i will seek personal responsibility from you. Be warned!!! :D

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I am having a conversation with an alternate account from a TPC guild member. Lamb2, hello.
I made comments to the low-level Alt showing my disdain. I was called a hypocrite. This is partially true. I drive over the speed limit a little, come to rolling stops, forget to put my parking sticker in the correct location, peek at next week’s spoilers, and many other egregious offences. When i find myself in a verbal altercation with an Alt account, I confess my sins. Now it is YOUR turn. Come on, you’ll feel better. __
By-the-by, I also eat sweets before dinner and caused the Planets of the Apes to happen. ( “YOU MANIACS! D@mn YOU!” )

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I find it interesting that a couple people have admitted to using alts to help their main level up. Is that cheating? I for one think it is. But it made me wonder how may levels have TWS players gained by doing what they did? In addition to the experience, shouldn’t they also be penalized by taking away levels?

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You could say that but using an alt to attack your main is mostly beneficial to yourself and seems to be quite a common practice with a lot of guild and guildless players. Not exactly something that can be enforced so easily as it would affect a hell of a load of players. Besides, chat would then just be full of people asking other people to attack them all the time lol :P

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yep, there is a difference between hacking gently, and trolling.
Exploiting the little ‘bug’ of the game, like refill health in bk1 chapter1, i think this is ok.
But create legion of shadow players is unbenefic to everyone.
So the experience has been tested, and is not validated. ;)

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CSA_Slaughter, I think your idea is irrational, since not all TWS members have used alts to up their level, and of course considering as Estragion said that this practise on the other hand is common with a lot of guild and guildless players. If such a thing is done on general grounds, without investigating and and without consideration of the incredible amount of time or/and money a player have invested in the game, many of the sanctioned players will quit. I am being one of them. Since i don’t have the finances to buy plat, and therefore allies and weaponry and refills, and all my leveling is done by slowly bulding up for nearly an year now, if I am penalized by taking away levels , then i will surely quit, cause that would be a colossal waste of my time to continue. Because who knows that if it is done once won’t be done again, and who can guarantee us freedom and rights? Only the developers, but if they do it once, they can do it again, and it is at the very least demotivational. With that being said I would like to ask everyone to stop making such ridiculous suggestions, and also if it is possible for Mososh to lock the topic, because it is really insulting to read such thoughts from every “saint” in the game, whether they have ground or not. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and there is already a topic of suggestions. This is not the place. If I am wrong then, only those developing the game and making the rules have the right to judge me. Have a good night everybody.

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I agree! Summoning a stam raid for an alt is okay, so is using your alt to get “main” a few xp for level. This is a minor form of alt abuse that anyone could ignore.

I dont care if a guild wants to use hundreds of alts to boost their guilds’ battlescore, even though I find it a little sad that so much time and energy is spent on this activity. Why bother? Getting it done is not nearly as rewarding if it can’t be done fairly and honestly. If TWS wants to beat TPC then it seems as if they will need every other player in the game, or figure out how to get some of those heavy-hitters kicked out.

One thing I encourage everybody to do: make a bunch of alts and use them to find book1 ally/plat/proficiency codes. I’ve got a few and this is the only thing they are for, atm. Yes, proficiency codes are worth looking for; they cost 5plat and cannot be crafted. I suggest using them on ultra-raids or tier5 raids, as they have more hits to offer.

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Reset all the boards. No one is in first, fresh start. No bitching. Go!!

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Did anyone want TWS to fall? Just saying.

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maybe the people who left Umar after he got TWS penalized, but no one before that happened