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Getting Started

Q: Which race should I choose?
When you first log on to CoG you’re asked to select your race and class. Each race has its own unique storyline and quests as well as units and buildings. There are also important attribute bonuses for each race:

Human: Unit Attack +5%
Elf: Unit Agility +5%
Undead: Unit Vitality +5%

Q: How do I recruit Heroes?

A: Heroes can be recruited at Taverns. You’ll find a Tavern in your race’s main city (Sanctaria, Arthland and Necrolis). There is also a Tavern at Regia Deorum but you won’t be able to go there until you reach Level 30. Click on a Tavern to enter it:

You’ll see a list of heroes that you can recruit along with their attribute stats. Heroes come in five ascending grades – White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. A hero’s Potential is also very important. The higher it is, the higher the hero’s starting attributes and the more his/her stats will increase when leveling up.

You can refresh the heroes list by clicking on the “Refresh” button:

You can refresh the list five times a day for free using Free Refresh. Using Summoning Horn or Book of Astrology will give you a much higher chance of refreshing more powerful heroes.

Q: How many Heroes can I recruit?

When you first start Call of Gods you’ll be able to command two heroes. In order to recruit your third hero you’ll need to upgrade your Technology at your research building (Tower of Truth, Wisdom Spring or Doom Tower depending on your race) in your Castle.

The Technology that you need to upgrade to recruit more heroes will be Royal Decree, Call of the Wild or Reanimation depending on your race.

Q: How do I recruit units and assign them to my heroes?

To recruit units, you’ll first need to build a barracks in your Castle. This will be Barracks, Hunter’s Hall or Necroden depending on your race. Once you’ve build a barracks, click on it to recruit units:

When you first build your barracks, you’ll only be able to recruit one unit type – a standard infantry unit. Hover your mouse pointer over the unit type’s picture to view attributes stats. Hover your mouse over the “Recruit” button to see how much the unit costs to recruit.

Click on the “Recruit” button to recruit your units.

Units are useless unless you assign them to a hero. To assign units to your heroes click on the “Assign” button at the bottom of the game interface.

The"Assign Unit" menu allows you to view recruited units and assign them to your heroes. Assign units by following these step:

Select a hero from the left column > select a unit type from the dropdown menu > enter the number of units you wish to assign > click the “Assign” button.

You can click on the “Disband” button to permanently remove all unassigned units of that unit type.

Click here for a detailed guide on the hero interface

Click here for a detailed guide on the hero interface

Q: I’ve recruited about a hundred soldiers but now I can’t recruit any more. What’s going on?

A: This is because you have reached the recruitment limit of a particular unit type. When you recruit units the recruitment limit of that unit type will gradually recover over time. You can also upgrade your Technology at your Wisdom Spring to increase your recruitment limit and recovery speed. Alternatively you can click the “Maximize” button in the unit recruitment menu to instantly maximize your recruitment limit by using a Troop Supply Card.

Q: The game says I’ve reached my population limit. Help!

A: Your population limit and current population is displayed in the toolbar at the top of the game interface. Increase your population limit by building and upgrading a Log Cabin or by researching and upgrading “Propagation” at the Wisdom Spring.

You can increase your population limit by building and upgrading your residential building (Dwellings, Log Cabin or Graveyard) and by upgrading your Technology (Imperial Expansion, Propagation or Pestilence) at your research building.

Into the Wild

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of managing your Castle and units you need to head out into the wild and start completing quests. Quests give you the chance to rapidly increase your Exp, obtain gear and other useful items. Quests also let you interact with the game’s many NPCs and explore the vast game world.

Q: How do I find and complete quests?

A: The easiest way to find quests is to click on the “Quest” button at the bottom of the game interface. This will take you to the quest interface where you can view all available quests and accepted quests.

When ever you see a yellow “!” mark in the World map there will be an NPC there that can give you a quest.

Quests take place in the World map and will require you to perform various tasks such as killing monsters and delivering items. Once you’ve completed a quest, you’ll receive a large Exp reward as well other rewards. There are only a limited number of quests per level but completing them is a quick way to earn enough Exp to level up and unlock more quests.

Level 10: No Holds Barred

This is when things start getting interesting! Many of the game’s features will be unlocked once you reach level 10. You will now be able to explore the game’s dungeon system and engage in PvP combat. But with greater freedom there also comes greater danger!

Q: I was just attacked by another player but none of my heroes were there to defend my Castle! What did I do wrong?

A: The reason why none of your heroes were there to meet the attacker was because you didn’t place any of your heroes in a defensive formation. When you are about to be attacked by another player you will receive an alert message:

Now hurry! You only have 90 seconds to bolster your army and set your heroes to defend your Castle!

To set your heroes to defend, you need to go to the Deploy Heroes section of the Hero menu.

Drag your hero’s portrait to a position in the “Defend Formation” box to place that hero into a defensive formation. All heroes in defensive formations will automatically guard your Castle against enemy attack. Remember to click on the “Deploy” button to confirm your decision.

Similarly, if you want to use your heroes to attack monsters and other players, you’ll need to place them in an Attack Formation.

Q: What’s a good way of increasing my Exp and resources?

Dungeons! When you reach level 10 you will be able to access CoG’s dungeon system. Click on the “Dungeon” button to select and enter a dungeon. Exploring dungeons will reward you with resource chests and other useful items. Killing dungeon monsters is also a good way of increasing your Exp.

Q: Are there any other ways of increasing my Exp and resources?

A: Yes! You can increase your Exp by training at Necrodais, Soul Altars and Military Academies in the World map. Each one will have minimum level and strength requirements. Training sessions last 2 hours or 8 hours if you have a VIP account and you will steadily gain Exp for both your character and your heroes and occasionally items as well!

You can do the same for resources to at Resource Pools and Ancients’ Blessings.

After reading through this guide you should know enough about Call of Gods to enjoy the game and further your adventures. If you want to learn more about the game please visit the Guides and Tutorials section of the forum. If you have any issues with the game please visit the Help & Questions section of the forum.

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how do you move equipment to the equipment panel in the inventory?

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That goes automatic.

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click the equipment to equip/unequip.

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How can i move and choose my strategy in a fight?

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You choose it beforehand, in Heroes → Deploy Heroes.
You can choose the formation (providing you have read the formation tome), and the arranging of your heroes (click Deploy to save the changes).

While the fighting is going on you can only watch (or not).

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Thanks :)

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Is there a way to speed-up combat?

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other than paying a 1g or a coupon, not that I know. multitask :P

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how do you assign units?

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look at the bottom and click assign

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click skip and use one gold or coupon

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Are some hero’s better with a particular unit then others. Like, I got this dude who says he played a lot with his bow when he trained with the elfs. Does he get like some bonus when he controls archers? Or are all hero’s equal on that matter?

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Plz don’t advertise things.

@Dabiz: Yes that’s true in a sense. Not only does the attributes of the hero itself can be affected by the kind of unit it has, but certain equipment has an effect on the hero itself as well.

In order to know, check the hero’s type. Is it balanced, attack, defense or agility?

If it is:

Balanced: Any unit will do
Agility: Archers
Attack: Mages
Defense: Infantry

Remember, it is the hero’s type and not the description itself of the hero :)

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hi all can who pls say me how i get in teams ? vs boss etc.

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Just “attack” the boss like you would any other creature. Rather than starting the fight, it will bring you to a “lobby” for people waiting to fight the boss. There, you can create or join a team. Once it has 3 members and all have clicked “Ready”, the fight begins.

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Why do you say Agility→Archers? As far as I know, Agility only influences Dodge Rate and Turn Order. As your infantry/Cavalary takes most of the hits, Agility seems like the perfect stat for them to Dodge, and Turn Order seems like a great thing for both Archers and Mages.

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Imho its like this with hero types (balanced, attack, defense or agility)

a balanced hero increase all his start the same with lvl up
attack heros get more attack per lvl
defense heros have i higher defense attribute
and agility heros have more agility then others on same lvl

but i dont now how much % of heros attributes goes to the units… some1 know?

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@ Gaminic:

But if the infantry/flying/cavalry do get hit, they would lose a lot of units if the hero isn’t defense. But Archers, having them to be average on defense yet powerful in attack make the perfect unit to be under agility, because they can dodge, defend yet do powerful attacks.

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should i have my dark knights as heros with defense?

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ummm, how i get activation code?

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Originally posted by Surkin:

Is there a way to create a second character? And is there a mute button?

Mute: Top right “Option”

Sec. char: Start on another server or make a new kong account.

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helpful note for people asking how much stats go up each level its pot/2+1 this includes total units

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