Books, Skills and Costs!

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Please lower the required gold of 10 to remove a skill.

This is a very unfair price to pay if you get a hero card and they’re automatically bound with a Valor and Guardian Will.. I can get an agility hero and have an Attack and Defense book bound, how does that make sense?

Adding skills, I understand. But, removing?

Please lower it to like 1g or something. Thank you.

All in all, just remove bound books that do not go with the specialty you get.. Example: Red Hero Card I use and get 85 pot Attack, and it comes with Valor III and Warmonger III or Red Hero Card I use and get 85 pot Defense, it comes with Guardian Will III and Entrenchment III or something.

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red hero card has no skill bound(start with no skill),that why no one complain it
oj card?it’s 1M free resources