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i know this is a crazy idea and will be extremely difficult for those of you still around…. but try to not log in to cog for a week, maybe two weeks…. you will feel much better.

after a week or so, you might still log on daily to say hi to all your “friends” and check in, collect alliance rewards (can’t miss those dungeon keys), run a few arenas to get into the tourney.

after a month or so, you might be down to logging in once a week, if that to say hi(if anyone is even still around) and do some basic quick stuff check rankings, to see that your number 1 ranking has finally been beat after 6 months….

and hopefully in the future you will see COG for it masochistic ways and you will find peace (or another better game to play)

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Ha, thats what I did half a year ago (shortly after s4,5,6 were merged). I faded slowly away until I finally didn’t login at all. But for some reason I started playing again in November. Now I regret that I didn’t login each day at least, because I’m so far behind with those login rewards (5 days until envy suit woot^^). I also totally missed the MSN event so my heroes have like 250 units less than most hereos of other players of same level on my server.

Sometimes I wonder who’s more stupid. Those ignorant greedy devs, that created a very interesting game, but don’t know the meaning of customer service – or the players that can’t away from this game, sigh…