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Well I guess if it’s in a will, then go for it!

By burning, I was not thinking cremation, but throwing someone in a fire pit.

I guess the line is drawn as what is acceptable in death. We are so used to normal burial procedures, and as a majority, each culture follows it very closely. Regardless of religious background, there is a respect for the dead. I guess what one person would view as respect is different for another.
If my husband put in his will that he wants me to eat him if he dies so we “can always be as one”, I would first get a better life insurance policy to ease the pain, and get a ton of spices.
Seriously though, there’s no way I could do that.

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@brizingir9: Bad spelling does not offend anyone [anyone being me], it is just nice to have things spelt correctly. I’m being quite hypocritical asking you/anyone else to spell correctly.

I doubt a country would make cannibalism legal, because it does not want to be the country to say “Hay, we let people eat each other”.

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