Will Humanity Ever Comrehend The Meaning Of Life?

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There might not even be a true meaning to it, and maybe without a “perciever” nothing can exist. (ex:the universe wouldn’t exist if no being was around to see it). I personally belive its a paradox and that The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life.

But lets just say there IS a meaning to it.
Will we ever be able to undertand it if we were told it by some advanced beings?

Or will it be like trying to explain the concept of the color blue to a bind person?

What if the meaning of life is something remarkably simple but our brains just don’t think a certain way.

Will we ever understand it?

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Begging the question.

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The “meaning of life” is just philosophical nonsense (like most philosophy).

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We already have a Meaning of Life thread.