Need help with this malware (locked)

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So I have this red and white X icon in my task bar area by the clock. It says I have some virus and “please click here to download antivirus software” or something like that. Ill repost and say exactly what it says when it comes up again. It also brings up popups saying cheesy things that are easy to come by and not see. It says: Security Warning! Worm.Win32.NetBooster detected. Then it says some other crap about the virus. Then, heres the cheesy part, it says:

Type: Virus
System Affected: Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista (How could it be all 5? IM ONLY RUNNING ONE SYSTEM!!!)
Security Risk (0-5): 5 (Ohh, so scary! Wouldnt my computer not be working IF IT WERE 5???? ya dumbshits!!)
Reccomendations: Click Yes to remove from your PC emeidiatly (no!!)

Also, it pops up internet pages for online scans, without my permission or doing. Also, it keps loading one when I open IE myself, and keeps chaging the homepage everytime I change it back to google.

And when the computer is on and Im not around to close all the web pages, like today (I had to restart the computer!), dozens and dozens of pop ups and pages apear. I think like 60 did today (after like 5 hours)

So anyone know a cure? Also, hi Damijin!

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Sounds a bit like smitfraud, if so there is a tool called “smitrem” google it.

Boot into safe mode (press F6 as windows is starting up to open the menu and select “Safe mode with networking”)
Google for smitrem, and for instructions on how to use it.

If that doesn’t fix it, you need more detailed help than you can get on this forum.