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I went searching back in the history of the Serious Discussion thread, and I found this gem, only written 2 months ago 200 topics, 8,000 posts

I was amazed that it was exactly double that now… and only 2 months later. Compare that to the 8 month period (Oct.-Apr.) it took us to get there… How is the Serious Discussion Forum growing so quickly?

I’m sorry if this is totally unworthy of the Serious Discussion Forum, but I just wanted to point out how active it’s been lately.

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Wow, I had no idea it grew that quickly! And have we really had the SD forum since October?

In any case, I had thought that our thread count might be outgrowing our post count (which would be bad, since that would imply more frivolous, short threads), so I’m really excited that we’re maintaining our excellent 40 posts per thread average!

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Hrm… I’ll do that calculation you did for average posts, Phoenix… Getting out Calculator…

Kongregate: 49,098/2,023= 24.27 posts per topic

Games: 31,776/2,340= 13.58 posts per topic

Off-topic: 59,325/1,729= 34.31 posts per topic

Serious Discussion: 16,681/421= 39.62 posts per topic

Collaborations: 1,594/172= 9.27 posts per topic

Programming: 6,516/803= 8.11 posts per topic

Art: 8,488/346= 24.53 posts per topic

Music: 4,246/327= 12.98 posts per topic

Technical Support: 3,012/502= exactly 6.00 posts per topic

So… Serious Discussion is keeping ahead of everything, but Off-Topic seems to be on our heels :-P

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The ratio for off-topic is skewed massively by 100+ page threads containing nothing but single sentence/word posts though. It’s pretty cool how fast this has grown!

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Indeed – off-topic has numerous 1000+ post threads, most of which are complete spam. I guarantee if you did an average words per thread (which I don’t think we really can unless someone’s pretty handy with scripts), we’d be well ahead of them. But even with the massive spam threads we’re a full 5 posts ahead. :-D

For comparison’s sake, these are the same calculations 2.5 months ago:

Kongregate: 30,317 / 1,527 = 19.85

Games: 18,676 / 1,417 = 13.18

Off-Topic: 31,523 / 1,042 = 30.25

Serious Discussion: 8,024 / 200 = 40.12

Collaboration: 912 / 105 = 8.67

Programming: 5,026 / 604 = 8.32

Art: 5,726 / 263 = 21.77

Music: 3,056 / 215 = 14.21

Technical Support: 1,653 / 272 = 6.08

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My posts in here pretty few and far between due to the points I want to make already being made. But never-the-less I am in here a lot. So in light of this revelation, one thing crosses my mind.

In the words of the illustrious Phoenix00017:

w00t w000t!