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is global warming really happening or is it just a bunch of junk? i hope its not happening. its real bad the penguins are dying the polar bears are drowning who knows if we are all gonna be flooded or not?? what do u guys think??

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Yes it is happening. Yes it is because of CO2. Yes it is our fault.


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Actually you are incorrect
the cause is actually global climate change and the sun itself is rising in temperature, for whatever reason. Proof of this is that the Australian desert and Australia itself is actually cooling down and decreasing in temperature. therefore there first of all is no “global” warming. Also the polar ice caps on mars are melting, which has not been recorded to happen the way it has in the past amount of years of observing mars. there is not any CO2 production on mars is there? then what is the cause? As stated before, the sun is heating up. Truth be told CO2 output on earth is causing insignificant changes in the temperature. Even so, your should try to take care of the planet you live on.

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Fun Fact #1: Climate change is happening and it is our fault

Fun Fact #2: The temperature is increasing to rise

Fun Fact #3: This isn’t part of a natural cycle

Fan Fact #4: This cannot be explained by the sun or other factors

The global temperature is rising -

Global Temperature is clearly linked to CO2 levels -

CO2 levels are higher than they should be in the natural cycle because of human emissions -

Observed temperatures correlate most closely with climate forcasts that take into account human emissions than ‘natural’ CO2 levels -

Climate change will not increase temperature everywhere. Someplace’s will cool down because the rising temperature will disrupt the gulf stream.

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We have threads on this already… Anyhow the charts are nice but #3 confuses me. It seems like the Earth has been really cooling off in general and doesn’t seem like it could be right.

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The earth goes through temperature cycles of warming-cooling. Keep in mind that the timescale of the third graph is in area of thousands of years.

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I know, and it is only Antarctic surface temperature not global I guess. It just seems strange that it has almost always been cooling during this period.

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Global warming is true but not caused by people. It’s that big burning ball of gas in the sky 1 AU away. To think that the pittance of CO2, which isn’t even a major greenhouse gas as we would be told is pretty pompous or the link of thinking that we can actually control it.

Global warming is to the left as the war on terror is to the right. It is just a bid for more centralized power over everything.

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Despite Navarre’s excellent post (which I’m tempted to copy and transplant into one of these other threads), we already have at least 3 threads on global warming. Please post in one of those if you’d like to continue to chat.

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EDIT: I copied both Navarre’s and Azaral’s posts into that first Global Warming thread. I’d love to see this continue, but I don’t want to have lots of duplicate threads. :)