The Reason I'm Atheist (locked)

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**None of this material is meant to be offensive or prejudice to ANYBODY!

•If God created Earth in seven days and time wasn’t invented yet, how do you exactly know it was created in seven days? Why not seven years??

•If I always prayed for my NEEDS, and it’s said that he only grants needs or whatnot, then how come my needs never came true??

•It’s like a religious puzzle!!! One thing completely leads to another in an organized chain reaction… EVENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RANDOM!!!! This makes it seem like a cheezy movie!!!!!!!!

•And lastly, there are over 100 religions in the world, and only one, or none, can be correct. And also, science is technically a religion if you think about it.

Also, leave us atheists alone religious-freaks.

Religous-freaks: Humans who intend to flame other humans for not believing in their religion.

WELL GO SOAK YOUR HEADS. I’m sick of your rubbish!

Leave us atheists alone, too! We have a right to believe in whatever we want, even science itself! I’m just sick of you people making fun of us. It’s just… just RUDE! Abnormaly! Stupid! Ignorant!! SO ON!!!!! Husho mouths!!

You can also debate on atheism, BUT BE NICE ABOUT IT!!! No flaming!

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Kevin – I appreciate your point, but would you mind posting this is one of the existing threads on religion? I can link to them if you need, but some of the titles are “Atheism”, “Relgion, The Bible, and God”, “Your Religion”, and “God, Are You Real?”

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And also, science is technically a religion if you think about it.


Writing in bold caps and calling religious people idiots doesn’t really help your standpoint either I’m afraid.

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Ah, unpro did the hard work. Thanks! :) I’m going to lock this thread, feel free to post in one of those.

By the way, you’re actually being rather hypocritical. If you want other people to be nice and not flame you, you should probably return the favor. Telling people to “go soak their heads”, that they’re “full of rubbish”, “stupid”, “ignorant”, and then using caps and bold all over the place does not help your cause. Honestly, you’re making us atheists look pretty insane…

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This is new and inventive.