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I know about Lie Detector, and somewhat how they work and how they can be beaten, but if there anyway to read someones thoughts?

Broadly speaking this topic can be used to discuss all of your thoughts on thoughts.

So thoughts are basically something in your brain causing you to think words? So you hear them?

Well if it’s jsut nerve signals in your brain couldn’t we develop something to read them? Or does everybody’s thoughts work differently?

Even if we did develop a thought reading machine, would there be any cases in which we would een be allowed to use it?

Even if we couldn’t read specifics, couldn’t we find out what emotions were behind them.

I was thinking about writing this while eating my dinner, and I could hear these thoughts in my head, and I even thought of using what I was thinking at the time as an example.

Post your thoughts on thoughts and even on emotions as well.

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To understand emotions via nerve impulses would be more complicated than even divining actual thoughts. This is due to the fact that external stimuli combined with thoughts, previous thoughts, and previous stimuli all combine to create and/or affect emotions therefore being trickier to divine than actual thought through any known method of mechanical device.

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The speed of reflection?
Is it humanly possible to move so fast that your reflection couldn’t keep up with you? Would it be the same as the speed of light?

Thanks for starting this thread, RMcD :D

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yes because all reflection is, is a bunch of light rays that bounce off you and then the mirror, and then to your optic nerves, then to your brain. So technically if you went faster than it takes for the nerve impulse from the optic nerve to reach your brain and be processed as an image, in essence you could outrun your own reflection.

Speed of thought aka nerve impulses is between 30 and 120 meters per second.

Where as the speed of light is 299, 792, 458 meters per second.

so in essence you could outrun your reflection as far as any possible human measurement would show but never actually outrun the light of the reflection itself.

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I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or not…

I’m not sure what your refelction metaphor is getting at.

Edit: Ok now, I relaise your not talking about a pond. The other reflection.

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I use mirror as a metaphor since it is the easiest object to think of in terms of reflection.

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Well if it’s jsut nerve signals in your brain couldn’t we develop something to read them? Or does everybody’s thoughts work differently?

Yes and no. We can interpret nerve signals, but we cannot interpret the complexities of the brain. Yet.

There is a device that allows you to “speak” using a computer without actually speaking, by reading the nerve impulses along the throat. A very limited vocabulary, so far, but extremely exciting.