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I am not scared of anything

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I’m not really scared of being bitten by one, they just look creepy. I am afraid of those things called Grandaddy Long Legs – they just look SOOOO freaky. Yet, I’ve people hold them, and I’ve held them when I was little, but they just looks creepy. And then theres those wold spiders. Dang, them are scary. They jump, too. No kidding, I crapped my pants when that happened, lol.

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I hate really small spiders, yet I’m okay with large ones. I’ve even held a trantula and it’s leg dug into my hand and it wouldn’t let go, :O. I wasn’t scared. Yet at the slightest sign of a small spider I will put on my biohazard suit and get my flamethrower.

I remember a long time ago I was watching TV in my room. In the full length mirror I saw a flash of movement. I whirled around and could see nothing, as the lights were turned off.

I looked at the mirror again and could see something moving. I turned around, and did this a few more times the crawling thing getting nearer to me. Keeping my eyes glued to the floor I shouted for ym brother to come and turn on the light. There was a spider about the size of the a 2p coin. I got the nearest hard object to hand and attacked the spider with fury, always keeping my feet away from it. It died, crushed under a large book.

The other night there was a spider on the cieling of the upstairs hallway. I shouted for my brother to destroy it. After a few futil attempts trying to climb the banister I told him to get the chair and climb up it. My mum however was annoyed by all this and took the hoover extention and sucked the spider inside.

I hate and fear small spiders. My main fear is that one pregant will crawl inside my body and lay eggs, where they will hatch and eat me inside out. I know this is an irational fear, but I can’t help it.

Many people think my fear is unfounded, but I think the same for those with fears of hieght.

A common fear is the fear of the dark, this fear is not of the dark, but what lurks within it, before going to bed at night I always turn on my lights scan the ceiling for signs of spiders, before turning off and climbing into my bed.

The fear of the unknown and rational fear.

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Yuck. I hate those little teeny spiders that move like super-fast…but tarantulas are creepy, too. I just remember one time I was in bed, and I saw this thing flash in the corner o fmy eye, turns out it was a spider. IN MY BED. Yehky.

Lol at vaccuuming the spider XD

I’ve always been creeped out by the fact that each person swallows 3 spiders during their lifetime. I’m not really that scared of heights, I don’t think that I will fall off, but I’m afraid that in a dumb decision I will jump off. So, I guess I’m afraid of myself.

That’s a good thought, I’ll have to agree with you. I’m not afraid of spiders so much, just things that you don’t know what they are, when a light shines against them and it’s a monster or something. I always check my room before I turn out the light, too.

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there is an interesting theory about fear of heights. it says that somewhere along the line of human evolution (debate in the other thread, please) we have been tree-dwellers and jumped from tree to tree, so when faced with a cliff or something similar, the atavistic monkey in our brain says “jump! it’ll be okay, look, the next roof is only 15 metres away!” while the non-spider monkey part of our brain says “fer chrissakes DON’T! what are you, stupid?” so our fear of heights is essentially the fear that one day the monkey might catch our brain off-guard and we might just jump.

edit: PFB, the spider-swallowing statistic is an urban legend. Or do you feel Spiders in Your Stomach ? ;)

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I’m trying to remember when I turned against spiders, but as far as I know there was no single episode which made me fear them. I always have.

I don’t think I have any other fears.

@PBF – Was it a single experiance which made you fear spiders?

I remember now, this boosted my fear of spiders to the level it is at now. I was around the age of 6 and was playing with my friends at a grass field near my home. I can’t remember everything clearly, but an older boy had a bucket of spiders, which he tipped over my head.

I screamed like mad and ran home instantly running my hands through my hair. For the next week I was repeatedly dunking my head in water, with the insane idea that they must have crawled into my ears.

I never did see any spiders come from my head, and looking back only now, as I’ve never gave it much thought, do I relaise that the spiders must have clung to the bucket and not fallen out.

Bugs on the whole I have a slight fear of. It’s just they’re size. They are small enough to crawl inside me. So whenever I get the oppurtunaity I eradicate them. Last night for example a male ant was flying around inside my room. It was really annoying me as I was trying to read. I slammed a piece of blu-tac onto it. It still was flapping it legs, so as irony that it was always floating around the light, I stuck it onto it, to roast. Mwha ha ha ha.

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Consciously, I know that my girlfriend won’t break up with me.

So, what, you think that break-ups are just figments of one’s imagination? That it couldn’t happen to you?

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Taking our personalities into mind, our current relationship status, and some other factors, the chance is very very low.

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I was around the age of 6 and was playing with my friends at a grass field near my home. I can’t remember everything clearly, but an older boy had a bucket of spiders, which he tipped over my head.

eeew… that would be too much spiderage even for me.

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how can you hate spiders?

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Well what do you think is more scary: Terrorism or Global Warming? Assuming both are viable threats are you more worried about the end of the entire world outside of our lifetimes within a hundred years or so or possibly the end of western civilization and our way of life as we know it in about twenty years or less? This is of course assuming the worst case scenario in both categories.

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my post in last topic on this

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some people think spiders can hurt them since they look creepy, and tickle you. I grew up with learning that spiders where a good thing, since they eat other insects that are really pesky. Everytime I see a spider, I play with it for a while, and put it in my backyard. Also, there are verry little spiders that are venomous. Also, I have heard that daddy longlegs are verry poisonous but their fangs won’t enable them to penetrate our skin.

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I’ve got this fear:

A friend you know plays the same game as you do. You’re level 40, he’s level 30 in the game. He suddenly plays without you knowing it and you suddenly see his account as level 38. You fear that he might overtake you. You, by all means necessary, try to keep him that way until you level up. He suddenly overtakes you and becomes level 51 and you’re still in the 40’s. You’ve got to find a way to stop, paralyze, or immobilize him from playing. You sometimes let him play on your computer, but now you don’t

What is that fear called?

Anyways, here’s my theory. When you get shocked, it’s not fear. Fear is a feeling. It is an emotion. But one fear is in our minds, waiting to get out. And that fear is seeing or by any other senses your worse fear. They just need getting used to. For example, when I was a kid, I was afraid of the Sphinx guy in “Legends of The Hidden Temple”. You know, on Nick? But now, I’m not afraid anymore. Fear is just like a computer bug caused by the system itself. When someone says “Someone’s playing with my mind! AHH!!” He is probably seeing his fears. Not in real life, but mentally. That fear inside you is growing. When you see someone seeing his fears, you somehow feel his fears, too. Deep inside, you grow a concern for him. I felt the same while watching that cutscene from Halo while escaping the Pillar of Autumn in a lifepod. Fear is nothing. It’s us. We’re our worse fears. Forget the other thing I said, but it is also somehow linked to this. Face your fears. Do it once and it’s all over. It’s gone. Fear has nothing to do with survival.It is constant. So, you cannot get rid of all your fears by facing them. We, in a way, fear everything. But, since we get used to them, we develop a certain immunity to them. Oh, and try to spot a typo in this post. If you can, that is. And no, people aren’t afraid of spiders, they’re just too gross and too dangerous to touch. Same thing with fear. We despise the negative traits of a thing and call it “fear”. One man once said “I have acheived every goal in life. I have conquered my fears. But yet, I have not achieved the goal of being perfect. I thought I was. Then I realize that being perfect is to not achieve every goal in life, but to be balanced. Virtually, good and evil are nothing. Just plain jokes.” Not having fears is to be imperfect.

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The only reason that I don’t like spiders is that I live where two extremely poisonous spiders are found commonly. The black widow, and brown recluse can kill you in under 24 hours. Seeing news stories about cases where people die from spider bites probably triggered my innate fear.

I also find it strange that little kids usually do not have the same fears that older, more rational people do. I have rarely seen a kid who is afraid of spiders or heights.

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U know Grandaddy long legs aren’t spiders. Also they do have a high ammount of venom, but thier fangs are too brittle to pierce human skin. There is a possiblility that as humans adapted or evolved (If u believe in evolution) they began to get stronger skin. Maybe it’s an instinct that past humans had in order to protect them from the venom, or maybe i’m just being stupid and ranting about something that’s not true.

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Heh, I can’t say I’ve ever been bitten by a spider. My mom is deathly afraid of them, and they just look creepy, so that might be why I’m afraid. And also, I also live where the black widow and brown recluse are found. shudders

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fear is an irrational emotion that causes us to avoid things that are uncomfortable to us. you avoid things because you dont want to get hurt, when in reality, if you know what your doing, can play your cards right, and have a sensible head on your shoulders you can make it through most any situation. the reason your fears are irrational and unecessary is because if you learned how to deal with the situation that involves those fears, you have no reason to fear them and there for wont fear them.